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Folded-Shirt Card

A shirt and tie is a traditional gift for Dad -- a card to match is something new.




  • 8 1/2-by-14-inch decorative paper
  • Glue


  1. Step 1

    Place paper facedown. Fold in half vertically; unfold. Line up left edge with centerline fold, and crease; repeat with right edge. Unfold, and lay flat.

  2. Step 2

    Fold top-left corner in to line up with outermost crease, forming a triangle; repeat on top-right corner. Using index fingers and thumbs, pinch together outside points of each triangle so they meet, and crease.

  3. Step 3

    While still pinching triangles, fold down top edge (this will make sleeves).

  4. Step 4

    Turn paper upside down, and flip it over. Fold down top edge 3/4 inch.

  5. Step 5

    Flip paper over. Fold top left and right corners so tips meet at centerline.

  6. Step 6

    Tuck bottom edge under collar, and flatten by creasing. For the tie, cut out an 8-by-1/2-inch strip of decorative paper. Knot paper. Snip close to knot on one side; trim other to a point. Glue to shirt.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2004



Reviews (51)

  • Ally S 20 Dec, 2014

    Really bad unclear - there should be video or something.

  • Linda Ashley 17 Jun, 2014

    HORRIBLE tutorial!! how do you expect anyone to get this??
    if i could leave a negative star i would

  • Sachi Cacarla 10 Jun, 2014

    thank you I loved the craft

  • Sachi Cacarla 10 Jun, 2014

    I made it by looking at the picture of the shirt

  • Sachi Cacarla 10 Jun, 2014

    steps 4, 5 & 6 are not clear you either need illustrations or a video

  • Tia Ness 16 Jun, 2013

    I'm having trouble with the last few steps. I don't know which corner and which is top and bottom. Can anyone help me?

  • sslgb4 12 Jun, 2013

    I made these last year... they turn out GREAT! But I did need visual help. The video I found most helpful and professional was this one...

    Good luck!!

  • 3eyore 24 Sep, 2012

    I am sorry but from step 2 onwards these instructions make no sense whatsoever. You have no idea how annoying this is, you are shocking!

  • Miss_Ashley0917 16 Jun, 2012

    These instructions are very difficult but i found a youtube video that explains it very well. Go to this website and it will teach you step by step, although the quality isnt the best.

  • erbear468 14 Jun, 2012

    UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT! takes the joy out of something really cool.

  • erbear468 14 Jun, 2012

    UNBELIEVABLY DIFFICULT! takes the joy out of something really cool.

  • bullscs 14 Jun, 2012

    I love this craft. This is the second year we used it in our Sunday school class. Teracher and aide fold the cards a head of time. The children glue their message in the inside. We hand them out to all the men in our congration.

  • bullscs 14 Jun, 2012

    Enter your review...

  • Mrs Mura 14 Jun, 2012

    Need step by step photos or video please

  • rdywenur 9 Jun, 2012

    I prefer this youtube demo...find it simpler to understand. Pay more attention when getting to the collar. The rest is easy. Collar is the tricky part (not hard just have to make sure you fold it in the correct direction.

  • craftygirl101 6 Jun, 2012

    I agree that this is very difficult to understand. However, the video suggested by "alwayslovnjesus" is very helpful.

  • EppyLou 4 Apr, 2012

    Very difficult to follow. Need pictures of each step. Tried 3 times to make it and flopped each time. Very frustrating!

  • alwayslovnJesus 20 Mar, 2012

    This might help.....

  • Youngreen 30 Sep, 2011

    I agree with "inegron3" there is an instruction missing to do this right.

  • inegron3 11 Jul, 2011

    Your instructions are missing a number. the other cards have beautifully illustrated instuctions. could you please take picture of a person constructing this card. I get twisted when it comes to the collar.

  • geoferr 22 Jun, 2011

    Thank you, 5Jordans. Perhaps Martha would like to hire you to write her instructions. She seems to have left out several important steps.

  • glancin7 18 Jun, 2011

    This is adorable! I just used some solid construction paper and some old plaid printed scrapbook paper for the tie. I'm debating doing this with 2nd graders 2moro at church. Step2 to step 3 folding reminds me of when we made those silly 4 cornered paper thingys we played with when young in school. You know where you slipped your index fingers & thumb in and then opened & closed the number of times & friend chose a number and lifted the flap to read inside whether someone liked them or not, LOL!

  • poshsoxenator 17 Jun, 2011

    You can also use the directions on the Netflix origami website

  • LynnBurr 12 Jun, 2011

    This is so cute. If you use tropical print scrapbook paper and no tie, you can make an island shirt, a guyabera (sorry, spelling) or other casual shirt.

  • lizzyg223 11 Jun, 2011

    It's really cute when you can figure out how to do it! Typical Martha: adorable but hard to actually do. haha Anyways the YouTube video that SMBarnWedding posted is really great. Thats how i figured it out! I put mine onto a bigger piece of paper and made a card which I decorated with writing and golf themed stickers because my dad is a huge golfer. Taped it right onto a giftbox, no need for a ribbon or bow and it looks adorable!

  • SeptLuv 8 Jun, 2011

    I just sampled this idea using a std sheet of copy paper and it's pretty cool. Bubbadog , look at hte diagram above for step 2 and note the direction of the fold

  • ipoipo 7 Jun, 2011

    The paper wishes webisode is another way to do it, not the exact same way the Martha site has. I prefer the Martha site, except proportions are off, shirt should be longer. I used a 6x6" origami paper and cut it in half and get two tiny shirts out of each. Too cute! p.s. if you do the two shirts from one 6x6, you fold the paper down 3/8 inch.

  • bubbadog 5 Jun, 2011

    I can get past step 2 and 3. it's confusing and videos don't help.

  • denimdala 3 Jun, 2011

    I'd really like to know how to do this card. I've tried three times this luck firguring out how to go from step 2 to step 3. "pinch together and crease" very frustrating but the card looks so awesome on your website..I keep trying

  • SMBarnWedding 12 May, 2011

  • Sekott 30 Oct, 2010

    As Chickadodee, I too am struggling between step 2 and 3. H E L P


  • chickadodee123 19 Jun, 2010

    How in the world do you get from the end of step 2 to step 3? This makes no sense whatever to me... please just tell me in more detail how to make the card look like the six-pointed one in the diagram!

  • inkmeinpink 18 Jun, 2010

    i use this to fold money for tips for good servers in restaurants and i also use them to give away wallet sized pics to family members. you can use regular 8 1/2 by 11 paper too.

  • nana2oneboy 16 Jun, 2010

    These can also be made using 8 1/2 x 11 paper following same directions. Here's the link to Paper Wishes craft supply webisode with clear video and template-

  • pudgystummy 16 Jun, 2010

    Makes for a cute gift card holder too! Thank you!

  • charmckinley 16 Jun, 2010

    Very easy to make and so it! The kids in my childcare are making them for their Dad's... having them decorate plain paper for a personal touch.

  • angelikeme 15 Jun, 2010

    I made one for my hubby and 1 for son-in-law. Neither changes shirts when they come home from work so I made them look like their uniforms. 2 cute. I made them bigger than the instructions. They were easier to work with and alot of fun. Can't wait to see what they say.

  • mscott4478 11 Jun, 2010

    I just made a few of these cards for fathers day and they turned out so cute!!! I added small brads down the front of the shirt and to the collar and they look like tiny buttons!!! A great addition!

  • maphisx7 5 Jun, 2010

    Think of how you'd fold a real shirt. That helped me visualize it.

  • ElenaMarques 4 Jun, 2010

    Could someone please explain step six? I do pretty well right up until step five--then I get boggled. Thank you!

  • cocoisa 4 Jun, 2010

    Lindas tarjetas,muchas gracias.

  • SellyArachman 4 Jun, 2010

    please add the video.. :)

  • lakesidestamper 16 May, 2010

    Go to for another diagram and instructions on how to make this card

  • 3xLove4Sons 30 Mar, 2010

    This was impossible to follow so I googled origami men's shirt and got a great one to follow:
    Easy, step by step photos!

  • DDKD 11 Feb, 2010

    You can also make without the tie, hot glue on some small buttons to
    create a more casual shirt.

  • lil_lilou 23 Dec, 2009

    To help Neezie and Beckle : How to get to step three :
    You have your paper with the two triangles. You have to fold your left triangle in half. Then line up left edge with centerline fold (you already have the crease made in step 1) while keeping your triangle folded in half. Do the same with the right side. And then it steps 3 where you have to fold down the top edge.
    I don't know if this is clear but you can figure it out with the images at least. L?

  • HeideCan 5 Jun, 2008

    Try using paper money ($1, $5, $10, etc), it has the right measurements. On your first attempt, use a worn bill. My nephews really enjoy receiving their "gift" folded this way... Good luck.

  • Neezie 26 May, 2008

    can someone pleeeease give me the idiot proof version because like beckie I don't seem to be making head nor tail of this, Thanks Neezie

  • beckle03 27 Apr, 2008

    Could someone please explain to me how to get from the end of step two to step three, I can't figure this out. thanks, beckle03

  • hannen 22 Apr, 2008

    I often use this shirt when I give money as a wedding present.
    As in Belgium we have several colors for our notes, I use several folded notes and hand them with little clothes-pegs on a cord, as a contribution for e.g. a washing machine for the new couple.

  • Kiwimum 3 Dec, 2007

    Great fathers day craft. Did it will a group of girls in GIrls Bridage and they all loved it.