Everyday Food, Volume 17 November 2004

They make great snacks and add a sweet earthy taste to soups, salads, and desserts. In fact, they just might be the perfect vegetable.

Why They're So Great
These root vegetables are high in fiber and potassium, and an excellent source of beta-carotene. Although good raw, when carrots are cooked, their nutrients can be more easily absorbed by the body.

What to Look For
Choose carrots that are smooth and firm, free of cracks, and deep orange in color. If the leafy tops are attached, they should be moist and bright green, with no signs of wilting. Baby carrots, though more tender, are not as sweet as mature ones.

How to Store Them
Cut off and discard the green tops, as they will rob the roots of moisture and vitamins. Keep carrots in a sealed plastic bag, and store in the vegetable bin. If they become limp, refresh them in a bowl of ice water.

Note: Before using, scrub carrots with a vegetable brush, or peel with a vegetable peeler, then rinse to remove any grit.


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