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Hard Flower Barrettes

These crepe-paper flowers are beautiful on their own or as one-of-a-kind fashion accessories.




  • Double-sided crepe paper
  • Petal-and-leaf template
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • 28-gauge wire
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
  • Smooth-Cast 327
  • Piece of Styrofoam
  • Pruners
  • Krylon clear matte finish spray
  • Small scrap of green felt
  • Pencil
  • Barrette or pin backing


  1. Step 1

    Cut three 6 1/2-by-2 1/2-inch rectangles from double-sided crepe paper.

  2. Step 2

    Print template. Cut out the rectangle containing the petal shapes and stack on top of the three crepe-paper rectangles. Staple in place.

  3. Step 3

    Cut out petals. You will end up with 3 teardrop-shaped petals and 9 heart-shaped petals.

  4. Step 4

    To shape petals, cup in center; wrap left and right top edges around a toothpick to curl.

  5. Step 5

    Build the flower by first placing teardrop petals, then heart petals around each other, holding the bottoms.

  6. Step 6

    Fasten petals by wrapping wire around the base. Wrap the wire around a bamboo skewer; secure with hot glue.

  7. Step 7

    Mix Smooth-Cast 327 according to manufacturer's directions. Dip the flower into the mix and shake off excess. Insert bamboo skewer into Styrofoam while the flower hardens. Repeat for a second coat.

  8. Step 8

    Use pruners to snip off skewer "stem."

  9. Step 9

    Spray both sides of the flower with Krylon clear matte finish spray. Allow to dry.

  10. Step 10

    Cut leaf shape from template and trace onto green felt. Cut leaf shape from green felt. Secure a pin or barrette to the back of the flower and cover by gluing the green felt leaf over it with hot glue.

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2009



Reviews (48)

  • cherybaby 19 May, 2010

    I made about 3 so far, but they seem so small, did she enlarge the ones on the
    video? because they look bigger. and where can I find Martha's crepe paper
    Michaels does not carry it.

  • BabsyAnne 16 May, 2010

    I would have liked to see the first segment they mentioned because she really didn't show how to make the flower.

  • slingback 11 May, 2010

    Thanks for the crafty idea and specific instructions. I have a complaint about the intrusive ad, however. I had to click the excessively discreet x in the Purina ad three or four times before it finally stayed out of the editorial column. I don't object to ads, and I wouldn't have complained about it had it stayed out of the way once I'd found and clicked the little X, but it was not responsive enough...bad advertising caused a negative response from this consumer.

  • irmak 10 May, 2010

    thanxa lot every 1 it really helped

  • oceanrocker 10 May, 2010 sells double sided crepe paper in amazing colors. They sell to Australia and the UK (as well as most countries)

  • oceanrocker 10 May, 2010

    D. Blumchen

  • irmak 10 May, 2010


  • Riala 16 Sep, 2009

    I would love to be able to make these, but I can not find a stockist of Smooth-cast in the UK, would it work with anything else?

  • jaydec 23 Jun, 2009


  • cherybaby 8 May, 2009

    can I use easy cast instead of smooth cast I can't find it in craft store
    only online?

  • TT123 30 Mar, 2009

    First of all, the instructions on the vidoe and the instructions below dont match. Second, they never tell you which way the crepe paper should be vertical or horizontal ( I dont know if that makes a difference, but still.) Third, I curled the edges of the petels and started to wrap them around each other ( very hard ) and the curl kept falling out on all of the petals. And finally, The crepe paper that Martha makes for this project is horable, it is a different color on each side!

  • sassysam 28 Mar, 2009

    I could print out the Petal template, but not the leaf template. Could you tell me why it won't print?

  • Jolly1 25 Mar, 2009

    I found packages of crepe paper at A.C Moore's! The colors were limited but I did find two very nice shades of pink.

  • euphrasyne 23 Mar, 2009

    Sometimes you can find usable rolls in party supplies. Crepe paper streamers do come in a variety of sizes. Or you could scale down the template to 90% and it fits a standard size roll.

  • panAsh 21 Mar, 2009

    I actually found some paper at Micheal's today ! What a score. It was on the bottom of the clearance stack. Each pack of the Martha Stewart paper was $3.99!! So check the clearnace secction.

  • Muyzos 27 Feb, 2009

    To hana9876 ...thank you. I looked up the closest store to me and its in Oakville. Does not help living in a small city...:) Thank you.

  • hana9876 19 Feb, 2009

    To Muyzos
    I live in Toronto, so it may have been easier for me, but I found several stores that carry crepe paper. The best selection I found is at De Serres, but all the artist's supply stores have it.

  • jvdvliet 17 Feb, 2009

    well make paper flowers and you can order with me a packet with explantion and materials and lovley paper

  • Muyzos 13 Feb, 2009

    I am getting really frustrated with the crepe paper hunt. I am in Canada and looked in dollar stores as adviced. They only have crepe streamers. (sigh)....any ideas out there?

  • rsvoboda 11 Feb, 2009

    To Felix 12511, i had the same issue. This paper is not to be found at any Michael's in St. Louis, MO!! I did find crepe paper at Hobby Lobby in a large sheet that was folded. Of course they were out of red. I am dissapointed, as I wanted to make these for some of my single friends. Anyone have any sucess?

  • mgeorgephyllips 10 Feb, 2009


  • felix12511 10 Feb, 2009

    In this episode Martha said you can buy the double sided crepe paper at Michales and that it was on sale. So naturally I was happy and headed over to Michales today, I asked the manager where I could find the paper and she said they do not carry it. I was very dissapointed and was looking forward to making these roses. So if anyone knows where else I could buy this paper please let me know.

  • scoobie_795 10 Feb, 2009

    I really want the pattern and the template for the roses but I can not seem to find it on here even after following all the directions everyone else has left. What am I doing wrong and where can I find the templates??

  • amblethroughbramble 8 Feb, 2009

    Null-write me at morgan@amblethroughbramble to talk about custom wedding arrangements. So glad you like them!-Morgan

  • brownsugargal 8 Feb, 2009

    I really like the projest. But it is hard to find the smooth-cast 327.
    Would have loved to have made some .

  • CraftyTigra 7 Feb, 2009

    Canadian place to get crepe paper: just about any dollar store has tons of it by the gift wrapping stuff. Good luck!

  • Muyzos 6 Feb, 2009

    Any suggestions besides online for finding crepe paper in Canada? I have searched and searched.

  • tcakes14 6 Feb, 2009

    The template for the large flower is in a link in the last paragraph of this article where it says, "For more great ideas......Also make the Crepe-Paper Roses to add color and flare to your home office." Click on Crepe-Paper Roses and it will take you to the article for the large roses.

  • tcakes14 6 Feb, 2009

    The template for the large flower is in a link in the last paragraph of this article where it says, "For more great ideas......Also make the Crepe-Paper Roses to add color and flare to your home office." Click on Crepe-Paper Roses and it will take you to the article for the large roses.

  • tcakes14 6 Feb, 2009

    The template for the large flower is in a link in the last paragraph of this article where it says, "For more great ideas......Also make the Crepe-Paper Roses to add color and flare to your home office." Click on Crepe-Paper Roses and it will take you to the article for the large roses.

  • yoellemus 6 Feb, 2009

    Can someone please help me find the template for the large crepe-paper flowers.

  • boring4546 5 Feb, 2009

    Many Thanks for your tips Morgan. your flowers are beautiful.

  • detroutman 5 Feb, 2009

    Smooth On does have the 327 on their website - here is the link:

    If that doesn't work search: Smooth Cast Colormatch on their site.
    Once you are on that page click on the "Buy On-line" and you can see pricing etc.

  • amblethroughbramble 5 Feb, 2009

    Hi Ladies,

    In n n n n n m so glad you liked the demo, and so sorry youn n n n n n re having a hard time finding the materials.

    If you cann n n n n n t find Marthan n n n n n s crepe paper (which I LOVE), try buying it from Castle in the Air, a craft store in California. Theyn n n n n n re products are available online. Youn n n n n n ll need three sheets to make one giant rose.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy!

    Morgan Levine

  • boring4546 5 Feb, 2009

    I followed the tip for Double sided crep paper by Klaws and Blumchen only have one coloured crepe paper not the two toned one that I understood was uised in this craft

  • boring4546 5 Feb, 2009

    Unfortunately I have been unable to find double sided crepe paper here in Australia, like so many things. I just wish Martha's crafts were available here in Australia. Or perhaps Michaels

  • BAKEWELL 4 Feb, 2009

    Here is the link to purchase the Smooth Cast 327 from the Smooth On site. Just scroll to the bottom. They offer various sizes. Hope that helps :)

  • klaws 4 Feb, 2009

    I also went in search of double sided crepe paper today. Made a purchase tonight at: They have a nice assortment of SOLID colors. Everywhere else I found was either prints or contrasting colors. Not pretty for roses. Also went to the smooth-on website. they offer smooth-cast 300,300Q,305 and 310. No 327 is available there, but I'll keep searching and when I find it, I'll share where to get it :)

  • Sherye 4 Feb, 2009

    I live in Wisconsin and I looked in the crafts stores arounded where I live and couldn't find the smooth-on 327 or the crepe paper. Could you tell me if ther is a website where I could buy these things.

  • ArleneMcD 4 Feb, 2009

    Fran may I ask what section you found it in? I was at A.C. Moore this evening as well and could only find crepe paper sheets which I wasn't sure was the same thing as what they used today on the show and streamers. I looked in the scrapbooking section and pretty much the entire store and couldn't find it.

  • FranPSteele 4 Feb, 2009

    I found crepe paper at A.C, MOORE. Also, check party supply stores. If you live in the Southeast I belive IF ITS PAPER carries crepe papaer. I hope this info is helpful

  • andreakaeb 4 Feb, 2009

    I also am having trouble finding the crepe paper. I visited the Martha Stewart crafts online store and did not find the product. Where is this double sided crepe paper available?

  • abhull2000 4 Feb, 2009

    Where can I find double sided crepe paper. Workers at Micheal's do not know what I am talking about.

  • cbme 4 Feb, 2009

    I went to the website in search of Smooth-Cast 327 and could not find this product. Has anyone else found it? If so, could you please share where and how? Thanks!

  • wmagick 4 Feb, 2009

    Thank you for suggesting looking at her site Null, I am so looking forward to play with the crepe paper. After going to Micheal's, of course.

  • detroutman 4 Feb, 2009

    Her website is listed in the Resources section of the instructions.

  • Fanoona 4 Feb, 2009

    If you go to her websight you can see beautiful pictures.

  • nemommy 4 Feb, 2009

    These are so beautiful. I like Martha's idea to make a wedding bouquet of forever lasting flowers this way. I've been married about 4 years now and would love to mimic my beautiful bouquet with paper flowers. I do wish there was a picture with the directions to help me remember how to make them.