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Cast-Hand Craft

This Mother's Day, create a personalized cast hand craft, a do-it-yourself gift that is sure to impress.




  • Smooth-On Cast Hand Kit
  • Drill and paint mixer attachment
  • Utility knife


  1. Step 1

    Mix one part alja-safe powder with one part water. Mix thoroughly with a drill and paint mixer attachment.

  2. Step 2

    Pour mixture into plastic container large enough to fit your hand. Insert hand, ensuring that your knuckles and fingers stay clear of the sides of the container. Let sit for 8 minutes or until firm.

  3. Step 3

    Carefully release your hand from mold.

  4. Step 4

    Mix two parts hydrocal plaster with one part water. Pour plaster into mold. Let harden for 3 hours time.

  5. Step 5

    Carefully cut mold apart and reveal hand.

The Martha Stewart Show, April April Spring 2007 2007



Reviews (30)

  • Gabrielle 143 28 May, 2012

    If you want to see some exceptional hand castings done professionally see They use alginate that sets not in 8 minutes bu 60 seconds..... awesome

  • Gabrielle 143 28 May, 2012

    If you want to see some exceptional hand castings done professionally see They use alginate that sets not in 8 minutes bu 60 seconds..... awesome

  • Sandy286 21 Oct, 2008

    The kit is actual;ly called "ALJASAFE"
    Go to their search engine and either type in ALJA or STARTER and it will take yo u there. THey have a really cool new website with a lot of other project ideas on it too.

  • nanapatti 14 Aug, 2008

    I went to smooth-on and could not find a hand cast kit. search for it did not locate the kit either. any suggestions???

  • dovecanyon 11 Jul, 2008

    For those asking where to get the supplies; following the instructions, in the "Resources" is a link for a kit... I made one holding hands with my 9 yr old son. It is lovely on my vanity, not 'eeew' at all. My son wants one of him holding a baseball. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  • AMiashiro 13 May, 2008

    Yeah, do it when they are asleep!

  • cklogan 11 May, 2008

    I think this is a WAY COOL idea!! Any suggestions on how to keep children still for 8 MINUTES???

  • deebeee 11 May, 2008

    Sorry -- this one is COMPLETELY creepy. Eeeeeeew.

  • mariaconsueruiz 10 May, 2008


  • cmargocs 10 May, 2008

    We did this with my son's hands before his hand surgeries--he was born with two thumbs on his left hand, and an extra bone in his right thumb. We were so in love with his "unusual" baby hands that we wanted to remember them--and to remind him of the wonderful doctors and amazing medicine that went into "fixing" them.

  • LindenBlossom 10 May, 2008

    Love the craft. Very reminiscent of the Victorian fashion for young ladies to have their hands sculpted in white marble. But how annoying is that ad pop-up. A lot of people have been mentioning it in their comments over the last few days/weeks ... but has Martha removed it? No! This one's even bigger. Very disappointed!!

  • blissg2000_yahoo_com 10 May, 2008

    I had my husbands and my hands done at a country fair and I love it. We are holding hands. This will keep us together for ever. Where can I get the kit to do it myself. I wish I would of done it to my three kids when they were little.

  • celticlady1031 10 May, 2008

    I saw this done on her show and tried it. They came out beautifully. Absolutely nothing creepy about them. I have one on my bathroom counter for my rings.

  • CharliEstelle 10 May, 2008

    I think the fact that they are white is what is freaking people out. But i had similar ones made and box framed when my kids were born, of their tiny hands and feet and they were painted silver. It wasnt so 'manequin' looking.

  • hugmehugs 9 May, 2008

    I can not believe that that would "creep you out"...I think they are totally awesome!! and beautiful. I am going to do this for my 2 daughters and I guarantee they won't be grossed out!

  • arsesrus 9 May, 2008

    I must say............

    Ewwwwwwwww!!!!! Too creepy looking!


    My first impression is that this would make an incredible wedding cake topper with the couple's hands in an upright entwined gesture... I just love this so much!

  • kellimaier 9 May, 2008 a sculpture major I like seeing this type of project. More people should know that the arts are accessible to them. It isn't something only for those given some magic ability from above. It is a matter of process and much of it can be done by everyone!

  • Anna_Marie 9 May, 2008

    These are so cool! My sister has one of her husband's grandparents holding hands! It is so sweet, and very meaningful since his grandfather has since passed away. And the "age lines" on their hands are so interesting to look at! A very tender tribute to the love they shared all those years.

  • peggyswain 9 May, 2008

    I love the one with flowers too, but how on earth would you get a three year old to hold still for 8 minutes.

  • myladyflower 9 May, 2008

    I think this is awsome especially with JhBishop suggestin about the water reservoir. I would love to have one

  • BoxerLover 9 May, 2008

    I think doing it when they are sleeping is a great idea! I can't wait to try this out with my nieces

  • WVJane 9 May, 2008

    This would creep me out, too. Reminds me of "Thing" from the Adams Family.

  • ulihelisdi 9 May, 2008

    I think this is awesome. I've always wanted to know how this was done. Thank you Martha and staff. Adults can also do this with their own hands and feet.

  • tlbert 9 May, 2008

    What a beautiful idea for any could even use this idea for a wedding by using the lovely couples hands...this would also be great for babies...or for grandma too...kudos to the Martha Craft Team...I can't wait to try it!

  • HolJen 9 May, 2008

    Oh gee, all of my comment did not make it....My Grandson was 2yrs. and 5 months when we did his hand. It came out great. I purchased the kit from Michaels.Not sure if an adults hand would fit in that mold or not, guess I'll have to try Martha's craft.

  • HolJen 9 May, 2008

    Well, I think they are sweet and I'd like to try it and make it for my Mom.The hand with the flowers is also my favorite of the three samples. My husband and I did this with our Grandson's hand

  • linscottjmb 9 May, 2008

    Part of me says "oh, that is adorable" what a great way to remember your little ones tiny hands or feet... The one with the flowers is very sweet... But then part of me looks at them and says "hmmm, extra body parts hangin around the house... LOL

    I think it would be very hard for me to get my 4.5 or 18 month old to hold their hands still in the molding compound for 8 minutes. Maybe if it was a cast of both our hands and I was holding their hand. Even then I doubt it.

  • jhbishop 1 May, 2008

    I love the one holding the flowers. You would just have to have the child hold their hands in the goo in just the right way to allow room for a fresh flower in a plastic water reservoir (like an orchid corsage comes with) between the hands.

  • invictaocula 21 Feb, 2008

    Personally, this gift would creep me out.
    But it would be great for a Halloween decoration.