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Clothespin Pinwheel

So pretty they'll make you dizzy, these patriotic whirligigs spin in the wind. They're tacked to clothespins so you can clip them to anything -- like a bicycle basket.




  • Patterned paper in two colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Clothespin
  • Map tack


  1. Step 1

    Cut two 5-inch squares in different colors from patterned paper. Glue back-to-back; let dry.

  2. Step 2

    Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner. Make a 3-inch cut along each line. Fold every other point toward center; glue. Affix to clothespin with map tack.

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 8 2003



Reviews (40)

  • danielledaphne 19 Jun, 2013

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  • edwo 22 Jul, 2012

    I have done this using a pencil for the stick, pushing the pin into the eraser.

  • Gracelinestudio 29 Jun, 2012

    I cut these pinwheels from a Sizzix die. I use long map tacks and add a small bead at the end to make them spin easily. I glue the map tack to the stick with a dot of permanent glue. You need long map tacks for this project. The clothespin idea is brilliant. Thanks. Karen

  • XanderNana 27 Jun, 2011

    Love this idea and plan to make them for summer, birthdays and specia occasions. A list of supplies would be an added enefit. I carrry a 3/5 card size coupon holder with me for crafts. Each card has a picture and supply list and a pencil checkmark for what I already have. I tag the ones I am currently working on. When I have all he supplies the 3/5 card goes to my decorated craft projects shoe box. The shoebox is catogariesed by seasons/events etc. Thanks for a great source for ideas.

  • MissMarple 31 May, 2010

    I have other instructions for making pinwheels, but the idea of mounting them to clothespins is new to me; great idea! They could be clipped to all sorts of things, with the pinwheel either above or below the clothespin. Thank you!

  • DEBBIELINSLEY 25 Apr, 2010


  • love4jtag 29 Jun, 2008

    What a quick, cute and easy project for the it...can't wait to try it!

  • krystalsmith 26 Jun, 2008

    Wow, so cool!!!!!!! I can't wait to make these!

  • krystalsmith 26 Jun, 2008

    Wow, so cool!!!!!!! I can't wait to make these!

  • sbirdsell 29 May, 2008

    These are fabulous, we made them last night using sqares of scrapbook paper we got from the dollar store and regular pushpins. A great craft for kids to help with!

  • guoweii 27 May, 2008

    its such a good idea but i'm confused how to make it.
    cos i cant get the maptack to stick securely on to the peg.
    and its difficult to stick the ends of the pinwheel tgt.

  • beverson 27 May, 2008

    If you put a small bead between the paper and the stick (here, a clothespin), the paper will spin more freely. If the map tacks are too short with the additional thickness of the bead, regular old pushpins will work.

  • piglett40 26 May, 2008

    Has any1 actually seen these work. They sound pretty, but non-functional. A pinwheel must be loose on the shaft (pin) to turn in the wind. I plan to try this as a decoraton only. I hope to be able say they do, in fact, work.

  • MJ21 26 May, 2008

    If you want the pinwheels to spin---don't push the map tack all the way in---the length will be fine. A clear, easy craft to complete.

  • DonnaTrent 26 May, 2008

    When I was 6, my dog chewed up a pinwheel my mom bought. I wanted a new one, and figured out how to make it. If I can do it at 6............

  • Anna_Marie 26 May, 2008

    To ALH1203: Most office supply stores carry map tacks like the ones pictured...but you might get lucky and find them in the office section of a major store, too. Calling ahead might save you some gas $$. :0 )

  • Sunseeker 26 May, 2008

    This is a wonderful site, Thank You! This is art and it should start the creative juices flowing. Stop the complaining and wanting everything handed to you. Challenge yourself a little. The ideas are great, just give it a try. You may surprise yourself..

  • HolJen 26 May, 2008

    cool,sweet ,easy...and pretty too!

  • ALH1203 26 May, 2008

    Great idea, clear, concise instructions. I plan on making some in shades of blue for a baby shower next month. Any ideas on where to find map tacks? Would these just be in the office supply section at the major stores?

  • perkinson2 26 May, 2008

    clothespin pinwheel

  • HIS 26 May, 2008

    This is great! Anyone who says they need clearer instructions should not be handling scissors!

  • poohbear1125 26 May, 2008

    just read the instructions slowly and you can make this easy enough...

  • Jenelle628 26 May, 2008

    Will be making some of these for a backyard BBQ baby shower. How festive will that be?? :-)

  • dreama1947 26 May, 2008

    You wouldn't have to cut 2 and glue together if you use two-sided scrapbook paper.

  • dreama1947 26 May, 2008

    You wouldn't have to cut 2 and glue together if you use two-sided scrapbook paper.

  • PatriciaStreet 26 May, 2008

    What a quick and easy summer project with so many possibilities, and a great way for us frugal types to use up some of those scraps of crafting paper that are too pretty to toss. Quick, easy, and inexpensive- a definite winner!

  • lomein53 26 May, 2008

    needs material list and clearer instructions.

  • miria 26 May, 2008

    Saved this one to do with 7 yr old grandson. He's away for Memorial Day weekend, but these will work in the wind after the holiday. Thinking they mite be safer than the plastic ones when turning around (not so hard). We also have a 3 yr old granddaughter who likes to handle things.

  • mthobbit 26 May, 2008

    I found the instruction quite clear, especially with the smaller picture showing each step. This project would be good for Fourth of July, too. I plan to use this for a project during our Church's summer program.

  • jemabe 26 May, 2008

    Love all these quick crafts. My daughter and I I will adapt the colors in this for Canada day here on July 1st. I always find the instructions to be quite clear as long as I carefully read everything (including the supply list) and do exactly as written.

  • asksharon2 26 May, 2008

    Loved this idea. But with this the same as with serveral other projects that been interested in on this site it lacked specific instructions. Crafting can be expensive enough without having to redo projects because the instructions were unclear.

  • Gramma57 26 May, 2008

    This is a very cute idea but coming somewhat late for Memorial Day and yes again lacking directions that are needed for this novice crafter also. Thank you for all the great ideas though. Love this part of Martha Stewart area. gramma57

  • jerrinn 26 May, 2008

    I made pinwheels last year for a party and instead of a clothes pin I used a pixie stick. Do you remember that powdered candy, as a child? and I used a brad to afix to the stick.
    The kids loved them.

  • ovestobake 26 May, 2008

    Cute idea. We made pinwheels as kids, and then with our children. They're fun and easy. Thanks for the reminder.

  • fabulousfindsstudio 26 May, 2008

    These are fabulous and would be a great addition to any party. I am going to see if I can flatten them and use them on scrapbook pages, too :-)

  • nana2oneboy 26 May, 2008

    I love to make birthday cards and I use these for young or older people. They are a lot of fun. I punch a 1/8" [filtered word] in the end that goes into the middle and use a brad to hold the corners in the center. I mount the whirligig to a complementary piece of cardstock and then adhere it to the card. I agree more instructions are needed for this craft and several others presented recently were a little too sketchy for the novice crafter like me.

  • betdavisis 26 May, 2008

    Absolutely wonderful! I'm preparing for a July 4th party and am looking for ideas especially for the kids. These will be perfect. I have a variety of scrapbooking paper that will be very useful. Some are heavy and already printed on both sides! Think I'll try an old-fashioned thumb tack. Thanks for another great idea!

  • CMF 26 May, 2008

    The map tack "pin" is very short so it will not poke through the clothes pin. That's why she used map tacks and not a straight pin which would be to long. Any scrapbooking paper would work great and some are double sided so no glueing back to back. These can be made for any occasion! Cute Cute Cute

  • justdottie 26 May, 2008

    Cute idea - it would be helpful to have a list of items to purchase behind each project. This way they can have a shopping list of what to purchase for their project. Thanks for another great idea.

  • Shivi 26 May, 2008

    there was nothing mentioned about the pins and the fact that you probably have to cut some of the wire off the pin as it'll be too long. The tutorials here at Martha Stewart really are not very good :(