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Martha Stewart Pets

Introducing our new line of pet supplies from PetSmart.

The Martha Stewart Show, July 2010

Martha has always had high standards when it comes to toys, grooming supplies, and other products for her pets. Now, dog owners can take advantage of her discerning eye with Martha Stewart Pets, a new line of pet products exclusively available at PetSmart.

The collection features affordable pet-care solutions such as apparel, collars, leashes, and bedding, all tested by Martha and her trusty dogs.

Here are some of Martha, Francesca, Sharkey, and Ghenghis Khan's favorite Martha Stewart Pets items.

  • Leather harness and leash: A must-have for certain breeds (like Frenchies), this leather harness is designed for a comfortable fit with an even distribution of weight. The leash features a handy D-ring on the handle for attaching a bag dispenser. Learn More: Harness | Leash
  • Fabric harness and leash: This harness is made of lightweight, durable canvas, and it's available in four sizes and three colors. The leash, also sturdy canvas, features an easy-to-use clasp. Learn More: Harness | Leash
  • Bathrobe: With a Velcro opening and fast-drying microfiber fabric, this robe is the perfect after-bath getup. It even features a special dog-bone pattern! Learn More
  • Sequin skeleton tee: Your pooch will look bad to the bone with this stylish, sleeveless T-shirt. Stretchy binding at the neck and leg openings makes for no-fuss dressing. Learn More
  • Bolster bed: With a removable cushion cover and waterproof liner, it's easy to clean this fully machine-washable bed. Learn More
  • 3-piece bowl set: These durable bowls come with a rubber bottom to prevent shifting and a stainless steel insert for easy cleaning. The air-sealed lid is great for storage and travel. Learn More
  • Slow-feeder bowl: If your dog eats too fast, you should take steps to slow down his food intake so that he won't choke or become bloated. This bowl is specially designed to discourage rapid eating and overeating. Learn More
  • Feeding mat: An essential for any dog or cat owner, this silicone pad prevents bowl shifting and keeps spills off floors. Learn More
  • Massager brush: This palm-held brush allows you to groom your pup with a natural petting motion. It has an adjustable strap, and it's very comfortable to use. Learn More
  • Dual-head brush: Our two-in-one brush features pins for mats and tangles on one side, and boar bristles on the other for a shiny coat. Learn More
  • Microfiber bath mat: This nonslip, quick-drying mat features a fun bone pattern. Learn More
  • Toys: Our collection features everything from crocheted squeak toys to intelligence-building play sets. These fun gems will keep pets entertained for hours! Learn More



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