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AKC Meet the Breeds: Field Spaniel

American Kennel Club, Inc. (c) 2011

Known for its level-headedness and perseverance, the Field Spaniel is a medium-sized flushing spaniel, built for activity and endurance in heavy cover and water. One of the rarest spaniel breeds (they nearly went extinct!), the Field possesses moderately long, pendulous ears and a single coat that is both dense and water-repellent. He can be black, liver or golden liver in color; tan points or white markings are acceptable.

A Look Back
The Field Spaniel originated in England in the mid-1800s and was used to find, flush and retrieve both fur and feather from land and water. The breed was introduced to America in the 1880's but did not become a distinct breed from Cockers until the 20th century, when it was decided that anything above 25 pounds qualified as a Field Spaniel (the larger of the two types of land spaniel).

Right Breed for You?
A docile and fun-loving companion, the Field Spaniel sticks close to his family and wants to participate in any and all family activities. They may be initially reserved when meeting strangers, but quickly warm up to people. They require regular walks, but their medium-length coat (less than other Spaniel breeds) makes grooming fairly easy, requiring only weekly brushing and occasional trimming.

  • Sporting Group; AKC recognized in 1894.
  • Ideal size: 17 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Hunting dog.



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Comments (1)

  • 2Spaniels 30 Sep, 2010

    Level-headedness??? My 4 yr. old liver fieldie, Cooper, is SUCH a butthead! Can't imagine loving him quite as much otherwise. He is gorgeous with a beautiful shinny coat; ears long and thick; his play is delightful and engaging; and he fully knows that he can use his eyes to charm. But, nontheless, a butthead! There was initially an issue with housebreaking where he earned the nick-name "Sneak-n-Pooper" and he just doesn't get it that his 13 yr. old springer sister IS the alpha!