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  1. Vacation Pet Tag


    If you take your pet on vacation this summer, add a tag like this one to her collar. That way, if she strays, people will be able to reach you. 

    Print your contact information on card stock. Using a 2-inch circular craft punch or scissors, cut out card stock and 2 pieces of clear self-adhesive shelf liner. Sandwich paper between pieces of liner. Punch a hole for a key ring to attach to a collar.

    Martha Stewart Living
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  2. Ask Marc: Bored Hamster


    My hamster looks bored in his cage. He's 2 years old -- should I introduce a new hamster in his cage to keep him company?   

    On a hamster's report card, the teacher always checks "does not play well with peers," as hamsters are solitary animals and prefer to live alone. Remember that hamsters are nocturnal animals, so they sleep all day and are active at night -- your "hammie" may not be as sedentary as you think. You are probably not watching him at his most active times.

  3. Good Thing

    Martha's Cat-Bowl Tip


    Cats are known for being clean and tidy, but their food can get messy. Martha contains spills by placing her cats' food dishes in a tray. A galvanized one for plants, available from garden centers, does the trick nicely. The system will keep your home neat and make cleanup easy. This works well for your canine friends, too.

    Martha Stewart Living, June 2009
  4. Cat Birthday Hat


    Fancy hats and a "cake" make a birthday purr-fect. For hat, make a paper cone, and then stitch on a pom-pom and add a thin elastic cord for a chin strap. For collar, attach Velcro dots to the ends of pom-pom fringe. Turn out canned food for a cake. Pom-pom fringe, in 3/8 inches, $2.59 per yd., Pom-poms, 1/2 to 2 inches, $10.24 per 8-oz. pack, by Darice, from

    Martha Stewart Living, November
  5. Cozy Pet Cabins


    Cats have a thing for cardboard, but a plain old box doesn't do much for your decor. Instead, tuck felines into this Modernist chalet ($23, The faux-bois cabin, made from recycled cardboard, is shipped flat for extra eco-friendly credit. 

    The Roll-a-Nest (from $5, at pet stores) looks like a decorative object but encourages natural nesting instincts. Woven from sisal, the hideout doubles as a snack for guinea pigs and gerbils in need of a nibble.

    Martha Stewart Living, November 2010
  6. Keeping a Dog's Paws Clean


    Keeping your dog's paws clean is simply a matter of a little preparation prior to walking out the door. 

    You'll need a towel or Spotless Paw glove and a shallow container filled one-third of the way with room-temperature water. Place these items by the door you'll use upon returning. Once the walk is over, dip each of your dog's paws into the water. Dry them off and let your dog go about its business.

    This practice is especially useful during the winter months when sidewalks and driveways are often covered with ice-melting agents.

    Get more information on the Spotless Paw.

    Martha Stewart Living Television
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