Dog Fashion Show

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2009

Your four-legged friends will look adorable in these paw-fect outfits!

The "Sean Connery"
Models: Ashley Lenat (script supervisor) and Polo (peekapoo)

  • Ollie wore a polo neck inspired by Sean Connery in early "James Bond" movies.
  • Timelessly elegant; also stylish on girl dogs, like a pair of "boyfriend-jeans."
  • Simple to knit; shown here in tweed, which adds textural interest.
  • All you need to make this outfit is tweed yarn.
  • It's a fairly basic design, perfect even for beginner knitters.

Puppy Papoose
Models: Allie Wyman (intern) and Lola (yorkshire terrier)

  • Perfect for carrying tiny dogs.
  • Makes your dog feel warm and secure and is knitted with the softest wool.
  • Pattern comes from Sally Muir's grandmother -- she used it to knit for World War II troops.
  • Perfect for an intermediate knitter: Rosebud pattern adds complexity.
  • Lined with mattress ticking, for extra support.
  • To make this project, you'll need soft mohair-mixed yarn and satin fabric for lining straps.

Soccer Sweater
Models: Kim Miller (supervising field producer) and Ollie (golden doodle)

  • The sporty look.
  • Designed in Manchester United colors; inspired by David Beckham.
  • Can be made in your favorite team's colors.
  • Fairly simple to knit
  • It's in double-knitting, which is very easy to get a hold of; can be made in your own team's colors with any number you like.
  • Your dog will feel properly dressed as he chases a ball around the park -- perhaps he could get some friends together for a match.
  • This could be made by a beginner knitter, but you'll need to know how to make numbers.

Anti-Firework Dog Balaclava
Models: Aaron and Buddha (pug)

  • Possibly the most practical design.
  • Will protect your dog's sensitive ears.
  • Easy to make.
  • Designed in a soft mohair mix, with Princess Leia-style earmuffs for extra protection.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir, authors of "Pet Projects: Animal Knits Bible," for sharing their lovely designs. Follow their simple directions to craft a dog coat from a wool cardigan.


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