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Keeping Cat Bowls Tidy

Martha Stewart Living, June Early Summer 2009

Cats are known for being clean and tidy, but their food can get messy. Martha contains spills by placing her cats' food dishes in a tray. A galvanized one for plants, available from garden centers, does the trick nicely. The system will keep your home neat and make cleanup easy. This works well for your canine friends, too.

Comments (4)

  • eeppster 7 May, 2011

    MieshelleCatWh... please elaborate on the water resource next to prey/food....did not understand. I've now got my water right next to the food. many thanks.This galvanized idea is real good, unfortunately about a month ago I invested in a neater-feater. but good idea.

  • MieshelleCatWhisperer 7 Mar, 2011

    This is a great idea (looks good too in photos), but one behavior component to consider --- never locate your cat's water resource next to its food because their instinct to drink fresh water that is not contaminated with bacteria from dead prey. In this case your cat's store bought food is the dead prey. Ever wonder why your cats prefer drinking out of the sink or your water glass? This is why!

  • applewench 14 Oct, 2010

    The galvanized tray would have been a good hint a few months ago. I looked all over for something to contain two dog bowls and a water system for them. I tried cat litter boxes and all kinds of things. I finally settled on a plastic boot tray. It works great. I may still look at some galvanized trays for plants. Great tip for all those who are going through the same search we did. Thanks

  • mainemoosie 14 Oct, 2010

    i've been doing something like this for years. unfortunately, my cats are not martha cats--they're pretty messy!