AKC Meet the Breeds: Norwich Terrier

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Spirited and stocky with prick ears and a slightly foxy expression, the Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest working terriers. Despite his small size, the Norwich has good substance and is an eager worker. The breed's wiry, weather resistant coat can be red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle.

A Look Back

The Norwich originated in East Anglia, England, and was developed as a barnyard ratter. Game and hardy, they were used to flush fox and other vermin from their dens during hunts and also were cherished as a fun-loving family pet. The breed used to have two ear styles but now is only allowed to have upright ears. In 1979, the drop-eared variety became a separate breed known as the Norfolk Terrier.

Right Breed for You?

Fearless and loyal, the Norwich Terrier does well with other animals and families. They are known for their ability to adapt to different situations, making the breed ideal for either a city or country lifestyle. Because a Norwich has strong hunting instincts and typical terrier curiosity, most breeders and owners recommend that the breed be exercised in a fenced area or on leash. The wiry coat requires regular grooming, including brushing and stripping.

  • Terrier Group; AKC recognized in 1936.
  • Ideal height should not exceed 10 inches tall at the shoulder; Ideal weight is approximately 12 pounds.
  • Vermin hunter.

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