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AKC Meet the Breeds: Bedlington Terrier

American Kennel Club, Inc. (c) 2011

Graceful and lithe in appearance, the Bedlington Terrier has a big heart and loveable nature. The breed is best known for its curly, woolly coat which starts out dark in puppyhood and fades to a pale bluish gray, sandy or liver, giving him the appearance of a lamb.

A Look Back
The breed is named for the Bedlington Mining Shire in the county of Northumberland, England, where it was developed. In the early 1800s, it was used to quickly dispatch a variety of vermin, and coal miners enjoyed racing the dogs for sport. Its gracefully shaped body lends the Bedlington to great speed and endurance.

Right Breed for You?
The Bedlington has a mild and gentle temperament and is neither fussy nor mischievous. The breed is an energetic playmate for children but not overly rambunctious. Regular playtime and walks will keep the Bedlington fit and in high spirits. The coat requires trimming by an experienced groomer to keep it in proper form.

  • Terrier Group; AKC recognized in 1886.
  • Ranging in size from 17 to 23 pounds.
  • Mild, gentle, courageous; rat hunter.

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Comments (4)

  • ojscott 18 Apr, 2011

    of course it is a bedlington as it currently is pictured....had one for 11 years....this is a wonderful breed....and not too popular in north america....

  • sho_es 23 Jul, 2010

    maybe the picture has been changed since these comments were written, but the picture is indeed of a bedlington. i have a bedlington and depending on the grooming she can look just like the picture. by the way the description is so true, they are the most gentle, fun loving and intelligent companions.
    if you go to u tube and search bedlingtons there are some fab videos

  • hitormisscooking 11 Jan, 2010

    This definetly is not a bedlington. I wonder if they will ever fix this. A bedlington looks like a cute little lamb.

  • mimi6886 4 Nov, 2009

    This is not a picture of a bedlington terrier.