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About Marc Morrone

Meet Martha's petkeeper, Marc Morrone.

Marc Morrone adopted his first pet, a parakeet named Jinxie, when he was 4 years old. By the time Marc was 18, his collection of pets had outgrown his family's house. In 1978, Marc and business partner Nick Guerra opened Parrots of the World, a pet shop specializing in birds, ferrets, and other unusual pets.

The success of the shop brought wider recognition of Marc's talent for helping pet owners learn to care for the animals they love. In 1997, Martha Stewart invited Marc and his pets to make a guest appearance on her television show, and he's been a regular guest on "The Martha Stewart Show" ever since, usually with his scarlet macaw, Harry, perched on his shoulder and many other members of his menagerie tagging along.

Marc also shares his extensive knowledge of our furred and feathered friends on his radio show, "Ask Marc, the Petkeeper," on Martha Stewart Living Radio.

Marc is the author of five books, including his latest, "A Man for All Species: The Remarkable Adventures of an Animal Lover and Expert Pet Keeper."

Most recently, he's the host of the show, "Petkeeping with Marc Morrone," in which he helps viewers with common pet problems and teaches them how to best care for their animals.

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Comments (3)

  • radiantdragon 12 Mar, 2011

    When I visit my sister at her studio apartment, her cat acts sweet and friendly during the day. However, as soon as I change into my pajamas and go to bed, he nips my ankles or jumps on the bed to scratch me, hisses at me. Why does he becomes a vicious cat at night? He does that especially when my sister is away.

  • steffiejo1965 24 Feb, 2011

    I have dogs and birds but my questions are about the birds. My blue and gold macaw Tawny is a great bird. I have had her about 6 mo. and she is (they told me 10 or 11). Is a squirt of water on her feet or tail the best way to stop her screaming?? She does not like the water bottle. I also have 2 goffin cockatoos. The male (or is supposed to be, they are in seperate cagess) screams too but he likes the water so it does not work on him. Any suggestions?? And can they eat bones like from pork roast

  • SandyBurky 7 Apr, 2010

    I have a beautiful Great Dane turning three, weighing 160 lbs. In December he started whining and was stiff when he would get up and down on the sofa or bed. Otherwise, he loved our daily cross country ski trips in the deep snow, our long walks in the woods, and our daily adventure to the mail box. I got an xray taken yesterday and the vet saw calcium growing along his spin. What now? The vet seemed a little overwhelmed with the xray -- we were all expecting hip dysplasia.