AKC Meet the Breeds: Lakeland Terrier

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The Lakeland Terrier has a dense, wiry coat with longer hair on the legs and muzzle, often giving him a distinct beard. Small, sturdy, and workmanlike, the breed's narrow frame allows him to squeeze into rocky dens to chase after vermin. While generally a show dog or family companion today, Lakelands can also be found utilizing their natural instincts at Earthdog events or digging in the backyard. The breed comes in a variety of colors, including blue, black, liver, red, and wheaten, with or without a patch of color over the back and shoulders called a "saddle."

A Look Back

The Lakeland is an English breed dating to the 1800s. One of the oldest living terrier breeds still known today, they were originally developed by farmers to accompany them on hunts and to prevent fox and other vermin from destroying their sheep herds.

Right Breed for You?

The Lakeland is bold, friendly, and confident but has a quiet disposition. While he is well suited for a variety of living situations, including rural and urban settings, the Lakeland's energy level makes him well suited for an active lifestyle. His coat sheds minimally but requires periodic clipping by a groomer.

  • Terrier Group; AKC recognized in 1934.
  • Ideal size approximately 13 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder and 17 pounds.
  • Vermin hunter.

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