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Chatting with Chicken Owners

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 5128

Raising chickens can bring joy and amusement to your life in surprising ways. Here are a few testimonials from some of the devoted chicken owners who attended our Chicken Show:

Appreciate the Little Things
When Judy Morris, special projects producer for Martha Stewart Living, was first introduced to the idea of keeping chickens, she "just didn't get it." But now, chickens provide a wonderful after-school ritual for her children, who love to take the birds along on visits to the neighbors. And most importantly, the chickens remind Judy and her family to think about how all farm animals nourish us, and to not take small things, like an egg, for granted.

A Chicken Savant
Artist Billiam Van Roestenberg decorated the 100-year-old, 100-foot-long chicken coop on his upstate New York farm with his personal oil paintings of chickens and birds. When hosting a fundraiser on his property, Billiam heard someone make a curious announcement: "Take a moment to see the famous chicks in the chicken coop -- they are known for modeling in New York City and have many oil paintings that sold at Sotheby's!" And just like that, people started running to his chicken coop and bidding on both the artwork and the chickens themselves.

Hiding Out
Kate Weber of Westport has one very smart chicken: When a hawk recently paid a visit to her yard, Kate quickly got all of her chickens inside but one, which she couldn't find anywhere. Distraught, she headed out on an errand. Only upon returning home did she find the missing hen -- hiding safely under a trampoline.

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