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Squash Bowling




  • Squash
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Vinyl sticker numbers
  • Painter's tape


  1. Step 1

    To make the pins: Attach vinyl sticker numbers to 10 butternut squashes.

  2. Step 2

    With painters' tape, cover portions of each squash to create stripes. Fill in stripes using acrylic craft paint, and let dry.

  3. Step 3

    Carefully peel off stickers and tape. Designate a lane, and set up the pins, placing lower numbers in front and higher ones in back. Have each player stand about 15 feet away, grip a small pumpkin by the stem, and bowl. (Should the stem fall off after a few tries, players can grab onto the whole pumpkin.) Give everyone two turns, and award each player the number of points on the pins knocked down.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2007



Reviews (7)

  • 805momma 19 Oct, 2012

    What a great idea! The kids are going to love this because it is different from the traditional bowling, with a harvest touch. They had so much fun picking out the squash and shared the excitement with their neighborhood friends. Also, the food does not have to be wasted at all. I plan on pureeing the squash, freezing it, and using it to make pies, bread and other fall treats my family loves. The paint can be peeled off before cooking.

  • ArtistEuropa 4 Jul, 2011

    Unlike so many products and projects in The U.S., this is nearly entirely Natural and also BIODEGRADES!

    For those few with pessimism- Please stop with negative comments and think a bit more well-rounded or allow others to simply enjoy Crafts and Art! I teach CRAFTS to youth and found this project very refreshing as it does not solely come from Wal-Mart/huge Corp. Chain or the like and IS BASED ON NATURE!

  • Katiedidonline 11 Nov, 2010

    Try this with empty tin cans. Wrap in paper or paint right onto the can.
    We have a set and bring it with us to picnics- sans kids- us adults love it too!
    When the cans wear out, just recycle!

  • lindalalonde 10 Nov, 2010

    Why are the 'rating' choices only positive? Don't you want to know when people disagree with or dislike an article?

  • lindalalonde 10 Nov, 2010

    Unless every other child in your area has all they need to eat, you are teaching your children a very bad lesson in using edible food to create games. There are lots of other things you could substitute for the pumpkin and squash such as pop bottles and a child's ball. A much better experience for your children would be to go with you to take the pumpkin and squash to a food program or shelter in your community. I am surprised to see the wasting of food on this site.

  • StockpotBecky 10 Nov, 2010

    This is a ridiculous and expensive waste of food. Even if I was able to find butternut squash on sale at $1/lb, this would still be over $30 worth of food wasted.

  • jonimacaroni 10 Nov, 2010

    This is all well and good..but how about donating to rhe local food pantry, this would be mor rewarding!