Gourd Art

Martha Stewart Living, Volume 143 October 2005


These plants are easy to grow. As soon as the soil is warm, plant seeds near a trellis or fence, and let them go wild. Here, gourds have been coaxed to hang from horizontal supports, which ensures that their necks will grow straight. When the stems begin to change from green to yellow or brown, the fruits are ready for harvest.

Fresh-gourd displays should be temporary; place waxed paper or another protective covering underneath.

It's easy to make this with a kit that is usually used for turning a bottle into a lamp; the kit is available at most hardware and crafts stores. When sawing or drilling a gourd, always wear a paper mask for safety, and work in a well-ventilated area. Choose a gourd with a flat bottom and a shape that goes well with your lampshade.


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