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Letterbox with Melissa

A typical week's mail brings an assortment of bills, solicitations, advertisements, and hopefully some greetings from friends and family. Once it's out of the mailbox, you can keep all of your letters organized and accessible with this attractive and easy-to-make box.


  • Letterbox Template
  • 13-by-16-inch 4-ply mat board
  • Double-sided adhesive paper such as Twin-Tack or spray adhesive
  • Decorative paper
  • Mat or utility knife
  • Ruler
  • Scalloped scissors
  • Leather punch
  • Seam binding
  • Bone folder


  1. Step 1

    Cover one side of the mat board with adhesive paper (or spray adhesive). Peel off remaining protective backing, and adhere a piece of decorative paper to it.

  2. Step 2

    Download and print the letterbox template onto the papered side. Mark the hole placement. Cut out the shape using a mat or utility knife, guiding the cuts with a ruler. Once the shape is cut out, cut along the rounded edges with scalloped scissors. Place the cutout, face up, on a flat surface. Score four lines (as indicated on the template pattern) to create the base of the box. When scoring, make sure to only cut about halfway through the mat board.

  3. Step 3

    Using the leather punch or crafter's hole punch, make holes as indicated on the template.

  4. Step 4

    Fold up the sides. Thread a 64-inch length of seam binding through the holes: Starting from the inside of box, thread seam binding through one hole. Bring seam binding back through adjacent hole, and repeat for the three remaining holes. To secure, first tie the seam binding in a knot, then in a bow.

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Reviews (36)

  • rhondahunter 9 Feb, 2009

    To get it to be a "letter" size, you have to enlarge the template much more than 225%.

  • KatieMarieMuschlewski 8 Feb, 2009

    This is a great clip! what a cute idea

  • shesnuts 2 Feb, 2009

    Can you seal these beautiful letter boxes? If so what would you use?

  • trunkajunk 2 Feb, 2009

    Where can I find Twin Tack?

  • netter 1 Feb, 2009


  • MsTee 1 Feb, 2009

    I really love this and thanks finlander for the wallpaper idea. I don't have a nearby Lowes, etc. but I do have a wallpaper book that I have had for about 4 years -- one of those things you're given but can't seem to throw away. Now I have a use for those pretty papers and can finally discard the bulky book! Another thought is to reduce the template and make smaller graduated boxes (to hold stamps, keys, etc.). Coordinating wallpaper swatches and boarder prints could be used for these.

  • finlander 1 Feb, 2009

    If you can catch Lowe's-Shermann Williams ect, catch them when they throw out their wallpaper books you'll score a ton of beautiful paper. Today we scored 20 wallpaper books that were headed for a landfill. Funny how this craft was on today! Not only did we save some room in a landfill, we'll recycle some beauitful paper into even more beautiful boxes!

  • klpsnow 1 Feb, 2009

    Clever idea but odd how often they repeat these crafts. This was sent out just a few weeks ago, and here it is again.

  • youaremom 1 Feb, 2009

    If you click on PRINT you'll see the template and instructions.

  • bubbletoes 1 Feb, 2009

    close the video while it's playing - there's an X at the top right. When you close the video, the instructions and template come back up.

  • mkb50 1 Feb, 2009

    This looks like such a great project. It's the "Organizing Tip of the Day" -- but where are the template and directions? All I see is the video. Thank you.

  • sweetrsyl 9 Jan, 2009

    Can anyone tell what the finished size is? I wish they would post dimensions; ilt would help when enlarging templates.

  • jozee 7 Jan, 2009

    I wish they could do something about the templates that have to be enlarged up to and over 200%! Not all of us have a copier at home to do so! Having it done at a copy place, can become quite expensive after awhile.

  • ilovsci 7 Jan, 2009

    I would like to add a decoupage medium to the pretty side to get a high gloss as well.

  • Schnookie 7 Jan, 2009

    This is so cute, I wonder if you could use fabric instead of the paper, so to make them match the coasters that came in today's mail? I also like the look of the ribbon on the outside better than on the inside of the box.

  • tdyoung 7 Jan, 2009

    To Kayen, if you turn off the video that shows you how to do it then it has a link to the template. Hope this helps:P

  • Kayen 7 Jan, 2009

    hi! love the boxes! may i ask for patterns that can printed then cut?

  • myminisweets 6 Jan, 2009

    I love the idea of a gift box for goodies =0)

  • cmelvin 6 Jan, 2009

    Left over wallpaper or a roll purchased on sale to match your decor would be great for this perhaps.

  • LindenBlossom 6 Jan, 2009

    Keep the videos coming!! I really find them helpful. Just close the video to get a set of written instructions. Think the box is gorgeous. Could be a nice way to present homemade muffins or cookies.

  • Toot44 6 Jan, 2009

    Found what I was looking for. Closed video window. Sorry!

  • SandyWhitten 6 Jan, 2009

    Stop the videos! Please give us written instructions that we can print out and save for a day when we have all the materials gathered.

  • Toot44 6 Jan, 2009

    Found what I was looking for. Closed video window. Sorry!

  • Toot44 6 Jan, 2009

    Where is the materials list and template? New to site. When I click on Template and clip art link on the left of site, I only get a label template and kids clip art.

  • Toot44 6 Jan, 2009

    Where is the materials list and template? New to site. When I click on Template and clip art link on the left of site, I only get a label template and kids clip art.

  • Toot44 6 Jan, 2009

    here is the materials list? None shown. Or do I just replay the viedo each time want to make?

  • bgduke 6 Jan, 2009

    I made several of these for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them! It was so easy to coordinate paper with everyone's decor, and there are so many uses beyond letters.

  • manitougirl 6 Jan, 2009

    mat board is what is used when framing art or photos. It comes in different thickenesses and it not too expensive shen looking for a white color.

  • MASAbond 6 Jan, 2009

    Hi bug32: Mat board is not poster board; it is much thicker and sturdier than poster board and usually is made with a styrofoam-like material. You can purchase mat board at art supply stores and at some craft stores.

  • Alabaxter 6 Jan, 2009

    These are gorgeous - I'm for recycling other cardboard boxes though. I'd love to see more recycling projects.

  • bug32 6 Jan, 2009

    What is 4 ply mat board? Is it poster board?

  • maya2u 21 Aug, 2008

    Awesome! Try it! Love it! Thanx.

  • tajicat 15 Jul, 2008

    Very cute! I appreciate the video along with this the instructions. :)

  • Susie44 13 Jul, 2008

    To get Template, click on "Letterbox Template" in the materials list.

  • MsKelly 30 Apr, 2008

    Template link is under Tools and Materials list.
    Should read, "(Above)"

  • grmacj 30 Apr, 2008

    Says template for Letterbox is below.... where is the template?