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Decorative Photo Album

Artfully yet easily embellished, this personalized photo album is as well envisaged as its cherished photographic contents.




As Martha explains, the key to creating a finished look is using Scotch 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive --- a thin, paper-backed adhesive that may be somewhat expensive for the one-time user, but will prove a great investment for anyone who frequently mounts photos or creates paper crafts.


  • Photo album
  • Decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pencil
  • Scotch 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive
  • Bookplate


  1. Step 1

    Cut a piece of decorative paper to about 1/2 inch wider than the photo album on all sides. Mark the album 1 inch in from the spine using a fabric pencil, then repeat on the back cover.

  2. Step 2

    Roll out an appropriate amount of the mounting adhesive, then place the paper, pattern side up, onto the adhesive. Cover with the liner, and using the squeegee tool, rub back and forth, applying even pressure to the paper. Gently peel away the paper from the adhesive.

  3. Step 3

    To cover the album, position the paper, which now has an adhesive backing, onto the album cover, 1 inch in from the spine. (This will create the look of a nice, finished binding.) To adhere the paper permanently, give it a firm rub with the squeegee tool. Fold over the short sides, using the tool to smooth any creases. Fold in the corners of the long side, then fold over the long side; repeat on album's opposite side.

  4. Step 4

    Add a lining to the inside cover using coordinating paper cut slightly smaller than the album, and adhere the liner, using the same technique you used for the cover. Finish the album by attaching a personalized bookplate.

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Reviews (11)

  • rheza 2 Jan, 2009

    I've watch the albums you have on tv. The kind of album that will not damage the photos. What kind of cover was it?

  • PaperRockScissor 2 Aug, 2008

    I found, so far, the cheapest adhesive at iboyds for $42.66. Just do a Google for Scotch 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive, you'll get tons of pages.

  • fogsam 30 Jul, 2008

    I alsowould like to know where I can get the adhesive,I am in OKC.Thank you Fogsam

  • kathleen6 22 Jul, 2008

    Hello - could you please let me know that name/brand and availability of the photo album used in this project. It will be the perfect gift for my special needs son's many therapists. Thanks much.

  • tinkerbug 22 Jul, 2008

    I would ike the info about the adhesive as well. Please email me at
    Thank you

  • jonidoolin 31 May, 2008

    It would be really helpful if the tv show or website could list where we could purchase the supplies needed to complete the project. I wouldl love to try the adhesive in this project, but don't know where to purchase it. Joni Doolin

  • Racque 9 Apr, 2008

    my email for the mounting adhesive info...

  • Archangels 21 Mar, 2008

    To Creekside. I would love to know how you found the Scotch Positional Mounting Adhesive. Annie
    E-mail is:

  • creekside 17 Feb, 2008

    Finally found a source for this product. If anyone is intersted. I will share/

  • creekside 30 Jan, 2008

    I, too, wish they would give sources for the supplies. Also, I wish the episodes could be listed by date rather than episode so one could find what you are looking for. Why are there so many repeat shows already?

  • dlmccray 28 Jan, 2008

    I love this project. It was easy to find the repositionable adhesive but I wish on the website they would add where to find the products. I have not been able to find the album. If anyone knows where to find it you can email me at I wonder if the folks at Martha Stewart would considering adding that information.