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Magnet Bookmarks

For Father's Day, surprise Dad with a stylish shirt-and-tie combination for his books. Secured with a couple of magnets, the fold-over page holder will remind Dad how sharp he really is.

Created By: Heidi Cho




  • Bookmark templates
  • Heavyweight paper
  • Scissors
  • Self-healing mat
  • Straightedge
  • Craft knife
  • Bone folder
  • Self-adhesive magnets


  1. Step 1

    Print any of our bookmark templates. Cut out image, and make slits along solid black lines for collar. Fold along dotted lines.

  2. Step 2


    Unfold, and place wrong side up. Adhere magnet to one end. Adhere a second to opposite end, so magnets will align when the bookmark is folded over.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2007



Reviews (44)

  • nicebeam 17 Dec, 2013

    so good
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  • pasmal 16 Jun, 2011

    Like a much earlier reviewer, I also found the direx incorrect for cutting out the collar. I cut across the top of the triangle, on the crease, and then a straight line from the lower point of the collar triangle, up to the crease. Cute idea.

  • Chameleon123 11 Jun, 2010

    I love this! My father be sooooo happy,when I gift him this fine bookmark.

  • azgrandma 12 Jul, 2008

    I am always looking for something to use as "tray favors" . They are always welcomed at the hospitals and nursing homes. Many people in these places have few or no visitors, therefore, some little extra thing means a great deal to them. They treasure attention. GIVE OF YOURSELF!! Landfill, hogwash!!

  • LuvMaerz 18 Jun, 2008

    Ooohh! Love the fabric idea, ironside99! Would make great use of some small scraps :-) ;-) :-)

  • ironside99 15 Jun, 2008

    You can even cover card stock with cloth, make a tux (groom) and a white lace (bride) version and use them as bridal shower favors. something the little ones can help with and feel like they are a part of the celebration

  • Mackfever 15 Jun, 2008

    Great Father's Day gift idea, easy enough for kids to make with the help of an older sibling or mom.

  • LuvMaerz 14 Jun, 2008

    You know, if the color theme of the templates doesn't work for you, I think I might just use them as templates and find some cute plaid/stripe/polka dot scrapbook paper and make my own!

  • ZAI 13 Jun, 2008

    i think this good idea for children and family so enjoy..creative and fun

  • tigger341969 13 Jun, 2008

    Does anyone know if there are templates of this craft which are suitable for mum's, on this website or anywhere else. Prohaps I couldcut my own out of pretty paper bt I like the shirt or a blouse idea. Thanks

  • PreciousIittleOnes 13 Jun, 2008

    cool I like this idea looking forward to male this and suprice my dad with it I'll see that my nephew will make one for his dad as well thanks Martha :)

  • pjt71 13 Jun, 2008

    This is adorable, yet sophisticated enough for dad. My first graders found it very easy and fun to make with only a little help. It is a great craft for any kid or adult.

  • dianadee 13 Jun, 2008

    When I saw this craft I knew my 6 year old would love to make it for his dad. We had a lot of fun. We laminated it to make it last a little longer. Thanks for the great ideas

  • annicreate 13 Jun, 2008

    This is a great idea BUT - it is an idea taken from a patented product! Im just wondering if folks at MS know it? I am hunting around for my magnet to see the patent details.

  • ariadnaquijano 13 Jun, 2008

    Oh, I forgot to mention this: I LOVE the craft (yes, craft) and it is what I'm giving my husband on Sunday.

  • ariadnaquijano 13 Jun, 2008

    Well, as we usually say: If someone does not like these crafts, why would they even bother to check them out? Just so they can find fault with them? WOW, that's mature, not to mention an impeccable way of using your time. And I am not being sarcastic, ok?

  • willowisp80 13 Jun, 2008

    I like this idea. My husband's kids just made birthday cards for their mom, who is an avid reader. Had I seen this I would have had at least one of them make one for her. Crafts are something you can create, it doesn't have to be something hard that only a select few can do. I just can't picture a 5 or 6 year old outside with their dad's skillsaw building furniture. Not only is that ridiculous, but dangerous, too!!!

  • marly38801 13 Jun, 2008

    Sounds like some of you need a nap. Maybe your children would understand that this is something that a Dad might like just because his son/daughter made it for him. I guess you should all head out to the local mall and buy your Dad something very, very expensive. He might like you better if you do!

  • nowjp6 13 Jun, 2008

    I have made these with children in the classroom. If you laminate the paper it will last longer.

  • LuvMaerz 13 Jun, 2008

    patcash, I think the bookmark is meant to be folded over the saved page, basically sandwiching the page inside of the bookmark. Then, the magnets would just cling to each other through the books page, keeping it in place. What a neat idea!

  • patcash 13 Jun, 2008

    I may be missing something, but why would you need a magnet for a bookmark?
    Just asking and not meant to be nasty. Curious

  • terrie-bear 13 Jun, 2008 daughter would love to make this craft for her dad who is an avid reader who just leaves the book propped open, leaning against the side of the chair. And she is in high school BTW. LANDFILL??? What landfill do you live by? Let us know so we can come to dumpster dive and find some great crafts!!!

  • wduke2 13 Jun, 2008

    These are cute but I doubt many men will use them.. My husband would not for sure. However they would be a cute Father's Day card with maybe a gift card inside. (minus the magnet)

  • craftydoglover 13 Jun, 2008

    This would be ideal for tucking into a small pocket at the front of a handmade greeting card. As I make cards for charity I always need new ideas for men's cards.

  • stellise 13 Jun, 2008

    the directions are incorrect for cutting out the collar section!!

  • nana2oneboy 13 Jun, 2008

    I had one other idea: what about using those magnetic "credit cards" we get in the mail. They could be covered or cut to the size magnet desired and adhered to the paper. This would be a way to recycle those cards that seem to pile up because I haven't found a good use for them.

  • nana2oneboy 13 Jun, 2008

    This is cute idea that as mentioned earlier could be made for any occasion for a person who reads. Many of us don't have time or talent to cane a chair, etc. for a gift, but we want to give something handmade. My hat is off to those who can do advanced crafts, but one thing I've learned is that creativity was not distributed evenly among all people. Just as in other facets of life, it takes many different kinds of things to make the world go round. Some ideas here are for me and others are not.

  • KimStrut526 13 Jun, 2008

    jbeau..and michaels or joanns has them..maybe a hobby lobby too...Kim

  • KimStrut526 13 Jun, 2008

    Very cute!.. i was thinking, maybe using them for a baby shower favor? pretty in the mom to be's colors..? what do you think?

  • jbeau 13 Jun, 2008

    What store carries self-adhesive magnets

  • iggyjingles 13 Jun, 2008

    I like bookmarks. I like having plenty about for the numerous books/magazines in progress that we all three have going at any time. Whenever I sell a used book, I include one. I also make greeting cards with detachable bookmarks as the motif. That makes the card the opposite of "throwaway". My husband asked for a bookmark for his current reading. When I tried to hand him a slip of paper instead of one of my handmade ones, his face fell.

  • MarthaFanSandy 13 Jun, 2008

    That is the cutest thing. A must for Father's Day.

  • whit5 13 Jun, 2008

    A sweet cute idea for kids to make for Dad

  • etolbert 13 Jun, 2008

    I don't care for the dress shirt motif, but like the basic idea.

  • georgia1046 13 Jun, 2008

    cute but rather late for fathers day. maybe can be used for graduation

  • LorieVanDyke 13 Jun, 2008

    Winterbeach: Perhaps this isn't an adult project; I could see a 5-6 yr old making this project for their dad. If you don't introduce simple craft projects when they're young they're not likely to pick up caning, weaving or furniture building when they're older.

  • terraplant 13 Jun, 2008

    My children are not able to cain a chair, weave a basket, or build furniture at this point in their lives, but they can make a bookmark a gift for their dad. Rest assured that it will be treasured and have a long and useful life.

  • JessieKing 13 Jun, 2008

    sorry winterbeach, but Random House also defines craft: to make or manufacture an object with skill and careful attention to detail, and points out the additional term "handicrafts". This project is a legitimate craft. It may not be to your liking or philosophy, but people craft for a variety of reasons, not just to save the planet, even tho' I do support your viewpoint. Chill.

  • MaureenClark 13 Jun, 2008

    Merriam Webster defination of craft: " to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity". Does not limit to caning, weaving, building. No reference to knik knacks in the definition.

  • fouryorks 13 Jun, 2008

    Love this idea for many different gift ideas. Always looking for a Father's Day Craft as a teacher. Can you use this at a theme birthday, shower, etc.

  • PurpleUnicorn 13 Jun, 2008

    Handy if you ever pick up a book! Maybe you never have....

  • winterbeach 13 Jun, 2008

    Another throwaway "craft". Craft used to mean someone did something well; like caning a chair, weaving a basket, building furniture. Hence the term cratfsman and craftemen guild. These are knik knacks, landfill. They are not even that interesting.