New Potatoes

Everyday Food, Volume 21 April 2005

These young members of the potato family are among the most adaptable. Try them roasted with herbs or in potato salads and soups.

What Are New Potatoes?
Any variety of potato that is harvested early is considered a new potato. Since they are picked before their sugars have converted to starch, new potatoes are crisp and waxy and high in moisture. They also have thin skins, making them great for cooking and eating unpeeled.

Buying and Storing
New potatoes should be firm, smooth, and free of cracks or soft brown spots. Choose potatoes of similar size so they cook evenly. Potatoes should not be refrigerated; keep them in a cool, dark place, and use within a week or so of buying.

How to Use in Cooking
The waxy flesh helps new potatoes hold their shape when cooked (they should be tender when pierced with the tip of a knife), which is ideal for soups and potato salads. If potatoes are to be cooked in their skins, rinse under cool water, scrub with a vegetable brush, and cut away any greenish parts (caused by overexposure to light) or any eyes.

Try these great new potato recipes:
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