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Fold a Towel

Martha Stewart Living, May 2006

A properly folded towel has a neat, fluffy appearance and hidden edges.

1. Fold towel in thirds lengthwise. (If towel will be hung, transfer to rod; the monogram, if any, will be centered and visible.)

2. Fold towel into a rectangle. Keep sets of guest towels together, bound with twill tape or ribbon. When visitors arrive, just transfer a stack from linen closet to guest bedroom.

Comments (11)

  • NancyLouILoveyou 11 May, 2009

    I have folded my towels this way for years, after seeing Martha do this on TV. This keeps my Linen Closet looking clean and tidy. A

  • webfamily 11 May, 2009

    I want to see Martha in a towel folding contest that is timed.... This method looks like it may slow me down a bit.

  • NancyMcManus 11 May, 2009

    Hey Triss, When you're done with him, can you send him my way. Even better if you could teach him to fold the clothes, too! ;)

  • TheBeachBum 11 May, 2009

    I actually strongly dislike my towels folded this way, no offense to Martha. I prefer to roll them spa-style and there really is an art to this, but everyone comments on how nice this looks on my baker's rack in by bathroom.

  • LYaw 11 May, 2009

    I have been folding towels this way since I was about 20. Nice to know Martha does it my way.

  • Skunkie 11 May, 2009


  • gekkolisa 11 May, 2009

    Some people are perfectionists and they need to know these things. I know I"m going to try it. Re ironing, there are people who iron bedf sheets. That's where I draw the line.

  • dianneholecek 11 May, 2009

    This is the way my mom taught me to fold towels, and I still do it to this day. I don't go the extreme of the ribbon for guests, although I do pull a matched set for guests before they arrive.

  • Cakegirl20 11 May, 2009

    Thank you for sharing this! I was just wondering about this the other day! =:D

  • Willow01 11 May, 2009

    triss---you are too funny...thanks for the chuckle.

  • triss 11 May, 2009

    Send him over