Umbrella Bat Costume

Umbrella Bat Costume

Source: Halloween 2000, Fall 2000


Make 8 other no-sew projects.


  • Grosgrain ribbon

  • Black umbrella

  • Pliers

  • Hot Glue

  • Safety pins


  1. Using a black umbrella, use a bolt cutter to clip metal joints where angled support bars meet spokes; also cut off central rod and handle. Trim all metal as closely as possible; cover any remaining sharp points with black electrical tape. Slit opposite-facing panels midway between spokes, all the way to umbrella top.

  2. With pliers, untwist small wire that holds plastic center piece to spokes, and remove both wire and plastic; umbrella should separate into 2 pieces. Discard plastic. To rejoin spokes at top, cut wire in half (or use any similar-gauge wire), and thread a piece through the small holes in spokes of each half; bend in a loop at each end.

  3. Secure loose fabric to spokes on each umbrella half: Catch edge of fabric with a 3-inch-long piece of 28-gauge wire, and twist its ends tightly around wire that holds spokes together; trim ends.

  4. Cut 2 pieces of 5/8-inch-wide black grosgrain ribbon 21 inches long and 1 piece of 1/4 -inch-wide black elastic 7 inches long. Make each ribbon into a loop by crossing ends so they make a point, and hot-glue. Connect loops with elastic by folding each end of elastic over the point of a loop and stapling to secure; hot-glue a patch of ribbon to cover staple ends and keep staples from pulling out.

  5. Place harness on wearer. Locate underarm points; with 2 small safety pins per side, attach harness at underarm point to the small loops on the wire that holds spokes together. To make wrist ties, measure wrist of wearer, add 6 inches, and cut 2 pieces of ribbon to that measurement. Place each ribbon at top edge of wing where wearer's wrist falls, and safety-pin center of ribbon in place. Glue patches of grosgrain ribbon to cover safety pins. Attach bottoms of wings to wearer's clothing with safety pins.


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