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Glazed Maple Cookies

Sprinkle cookies with coarse salt after glazing to enhance the maple flavor.

  • Yield: Makes 40
Glazed Maple Cookies

Source: Everyday Food, November 2009


  • 3 cups all-purpose flour (spooned and leveled)
  • 1 teaspoon coarse salt
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups pure maple syrup
  • 2 large egg yolks


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, with racks in upper and lower thirds. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour and salt. In a large bowl, using an electric mixer, beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in 1/2 cup maple syrup and egg yolks. With mixer on low, beat in flour mixture.

  2. Drop batter by tablespoons, 3 inches apart, onto two baking sheets. Using a flat-bottomed glass dipped in flour, flatten cookies to a 1/4-inch thickness. Bake until golden at edges, 12 to 15 minutes, rotating sheets halfway through. Transfer cookies to wire racks to cool. In a small saucepan, simmer 1 cup maple syrup until reduced to 3/4 cup. Spoon over cookies.

Reviews (18)

  • lindy liggett 2 Jul, 2012

    so good! I made a few trays to get it right. The dough can be crumbly, and refrigeration helps with handling. I also lightly pressed the back of a spoon into the cookies right when they came out of the oven, to make a little dip for the maple syrup.

    If you put on the maple syrup while the cookies are hot, it sinks in and makes a glaze. I waited until they were cool, simmered the syrup pretty thick, and I prefer that aesthetically. and YES the salt is the best part. Got many compliments :)

  • allisonmere 8 Feb, 2012

    I made these cookies as an after-work surprise for my husband... and i haven't stopped making them (for him AND for all of our friends.) The dough does come out very crumby for me, but i press it together and flatten to make a tantalizingly crunchy cookie. Simmering the maple syrup so it has the perfect consistency - without foaming over the pot! - has been a trick, but the coarse kosher salt on the top completely makes this cookie. I have a feeling I'll be baking these for years to come.

  • hframpton 22 Nov, 2011

    My new favorite!

  • Crafty_McCookery 20 Sep, 2011

    These cookies turned out really good! I was kind of worried going in considering the mixed reviews, but since making them, I totally recommend this recipe. the dough was super easy to work with and the hint of salt gave them a special touch. For those wondering about the glaze, it looks like the cookies were brushed with maple syrup, it doesn't harden.

  • MrDVC 3 Feb, 2011

    I made this recipe from Nov '09 magazine "Cookie of the Month". The dough required repeated chilling and freezing to be handled as directed, and the cookies came out greasy, dense, crumbly, just not worth the effort. The recipe needs a leavening agent (One tsp to 1/2 Tblsp soda or baking powder). As written the recipe is a waste of pure maple syrup.

  • LavenderY 6 Dec, 2010

    Good hint about the salt. Perfect taste, texture, and size. Exceedingly simple - I'll probably make them again.
    Haters gonna hate.

  • michele_hunter 19 Oct, 2010

    Did the maple syrup glaze harden up like frosting, or just look like the cookies were brushed with maple syrup?

  • carrieknitscake 19 Oct, 2010

    I made these recently. Some mods: I used a small scoop to portion out the cookies to the right size. Dough was really sticky, so I flattened with my hand instead of glass. Even though they look not done, take them out right when the edges get golden or it will be too crispy. I didn't have enough maple syrup to simmer down, so I used the remainder, heat it up, and then used a pastry brush to glaze them. Everyone at the party loved them. Will make again.

  • 1Toffy 17 Oct, 2010

    Funny thing about all the comments...Did anyone actually make the recipe???

  • whitebeaches 13 Oct, 2010

    authentic cookie sheet looks like many an authentic baker's sheet... looking forward to baking these rustic looking autumn cookies!

  • BlueSatinSashes 13 Oct, 2010

    No no, not rude, bianna, just silly. I love all things Martha, but you have to admit, that photo is surely not up to Martha standards. We must have a sense of humor!

  • bianna 13 Oct, 2010

    Oh My goodness ladies! could you be ruder! The cookies look pretty once on a plate.

  • westerngirl 13 Oct, 2010

    One unattractive picture. With a cookie sheet dirtier than mine! Did you delete all the beautiful studio pictures, Martha? This must be a Halloween trick created to scare us. Weird.

  • fattumscat 13 Oct, 2010

    I wonder if you could make it more of a thumbprint-style cookie and put the glaze in the indentation to make them less ugly? Just an idea because they do sound tasty but they certainly don't look appealing in the photo.

  • BlueSatinSashes 13 Oct, 2010

    I have never seen a more hideous looking cookie! I'm sure they're tasty, but I can't imagine making or serving them, based on that photo! Martha, what are you thinking?

  • Twolanes 11 Dec, 2009

    These cookies are divine! They are my new holiday favorite. The sprinkling of salt on top elevates the cookies to an absolutely sublime level.

  • Kachou 29 Nov, 2009

    We are fan of Maple syrup! I will bake this cookies to surprise my husband next week-end.

  • lmallock 29 Nov, 2009

    xmas cookies

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