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Crispy Breaded Pork Cutlets

This recipe for crispy breaded pork cutlets is adapted from the April 2008 issue of Everyday Food. Serve with Creamy Corn and Saute of Peppers for a delicious dinner.

  • Yield: Serves 4
Crispy Breaded Pork Cutlets

Source: Everyday Food, April 2008


  • 1 1/2 cups panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, such as safflower
  • 4 boneless pork loin chops (6 to 8 ounces each)
  • 3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. On a rimmed baking sheet, toss panko with oil. Bake, tossing once, until golden brown, 7 to 10 minutes. Transfer to a medium bowl. Reduce oven temperature to 400 degrees.

  2. Meanwhile, one at a time, place chops between two large pieces of plastic wrap. Using a meat mallet or the bottom of a small heavy pan, pound to make 1/4-inch-thick cutlets.

  3. Dividing evenly, coat pork with mustard; season with salt and pepper. One at a time, dip cutlets into panko, pressing firmly to adhere.

  4. Place a rack on a rimmed baking sheet; place pork on rack, and bake, without turning, until opaque throughout, 10 to 15 minutes.

Reviews (37)

  • jenise cox 1 Sep, 2012

    I was happy to find this recipe since I thought it would be like a Weight Watcher recipe that lost. Sad to say I didn't like this at all. I thought the mustard was too strong and the crumbs were too dry. I might try it again with a different mustard, mixing with mayo as another reviewer suggested, and using regular bread crumbs instead of the panko,skipping the pre-browning of the crumbs. If I call correctly, the WW recipe was crisp enough.

  • saucysue 14 Aug, 2008

    Hubbie loves anything pork and especially pork chops. The mustard was a subtle and tasty addition to the chops. I have been asked to keep this recipe handy and fix again.

  • saucysue 14 Aug, 2008

    Hubbie is a fan of anything pork and especially pork chops. The mustard was a subtle yet tasty addition to breaded chops. I have been asked to keep this recipe and fix often.

  • welove2cook 30 Jul, 2008

    We made these last March, along with the recommended sides, "Creamy Corn" and "Saute of Peppers." It was a delicious meal.

  • frone 13 Jul, 2008

    Add about 3 T. of dried onion soup mix to the panko crumbs and you get a nice additional flavor. If you like more of an onion flavor, add an additional amount.

  • cassy1007 12 Jul, 2008

    One of the comments asked about using fish for this recioe. I do almost the same thing for salmon filets, usually cooks in about 20 minutes at same temperature. I have used panko and I have used toasted breadcrumbs that I season. Either way tastes very good and it aslo works with mahi mahi, although that takes about 25 to 30 minutes.

  • marwiz 11 Jul, 2008

    The panko gave the pork chops a new taste. It's fun to try different coatings for our meats! We truly enjoyed them and the sauteed peppers. Made sun tea ;squeezed fresh oranges in it and poured over lots of ice. Made a warm Michigan day even more wonderful!! Thanks!!

  • paulacz1 10 Jul, 2008

    I made these tonight and they were a hit! I substituted the Dijon mustard for an Indian mango and ginger chutney because I thought the mustard sounded a little boring. They cooked up so tender and perfect that my husband didn't need a knife!

  • QAZZZZ 8 Jul, 2008


  • mikim 7 Jul, 2008

    I also use Panko when making hamburgers and meatloaf.

  • barbara_sa 7 Jul, 2008

    Hi everyone i made these pork chops and they are DELICIOUS!!!! thankyou from sunny south africa

  • jjinnielou 10 Jun, 2008

    Love, love, love, this recipe! I used spicy brown mustard on my pork chops. My kids couldn't get enough. My son told me this the only way he will ever eat a pork chop again! I love good quick recipes. This is a keeper.

  • Kathande 30 Apr, 2008

    I found PANKO at one of these new Fresh

  • cyberma777 7 Apr, 2008

    I tried this recipe again using babeque sauce instead of mustard. The panko kept the sauce from burning in the oven. I thought it was even better than using mustard.

  • CaityCaits 6 Apr, 2008

    I also made this recipe and it came out perfect! Watch the video of Martha making them to help you better understand how to cook them perfectly. The Italian panko breadcrumbs taste wonderful with this recipe.

  • tonispangle 5 Apr, 2008

    I forgot to tell you, you can find Panko on the Japinesse ile at the store.

  • tonispangle 5 Apr, 2008

    Yes you can add bread crumbs. I have and it's it's great. Use any bread crumbs. You'll be good to go. I just love the mustard.

  • bluejanet 4 Apr, 2008

    can you use regular breadcrumbs? I can't find panko.

  • luciaborrajo 1 Apr, 2008

    I made these and they came out fabulous!!! but instead of using pork I made them with chicken. Love panko breadcrumbs and the subtle taste that the dijon mustard brings.

  • luciaborrajo 1 Apr, 2008

    I made these and they came out fabulous!!! but instead of using pork I made them with chicken. Love panko breadcrumbs and the subtle taste that the dijon mustard brings.

  • Prissyandcosmoerker 30 Mar, 2008

    Best breaded pork cutlets! Rodger loves this one.

  • casperboy 29 Mar, 2008

    loved this recipe. panko is in the same isle as breadcrumbs and spices at the gro. store. Lvaughn

  • Stinker77 27 Mar, 2008

    I made this is DELICIOUS!! I followed the recipe and it turned out great. The cutlets were so moist and tender. It was very easy and I liked the fact that I had all the ingredients on hand. Will definitely be making this again and I would also try the skinless, boneless chicken breast.

  • cmoskau 27 Mar, 2008

    verry good! I used pork tenderloin made into cutlets and whole wheat panko. I will definitely make this often

  • CavalierLover 27 Mar, 2008

    This was DELICIOUS, but I burned the first batch of Panko! I set the time for five minutes to turn the panko mix, but it was already burned to a crisp and smoking! Also, I used 7 thin sliced boneless pork loin chops (just over a pound for all seven) and they cooked perfectly! My husband LOVED the mustard flavor, too.

  • ibcrafter 25 Mar, 2008

    Since we are all going to have to watch our pennies, I did a little research on the cost of panko after the welcome comment by cookinbigmama about using Rice Krispies. I found panko in our local supermarket for $2.99 for 3.5 oz. Couldn't find Rice Krispies, but did find generic rice squares for $2.99 for 15.6 oz. I will try both and report the difference, if any. Did anyone use skinless chicken? Or did it have the skin on?

  • mbsbarb 25 Mar, 2008

    You mentioned that this recipe could be used with chicken as well. How would Halibut work? Obviously, it doesn't need to be pounded out with a mallet, but how would the dijon mustard work on that? I would just hate to ruin a perfectly good piece of expensive fish.

  • cyberma777 25 Mar, 2008

    I made this and have to admit , it is a great fast recipe. I have never cooked panko in the oven and was very plesantly surprised. I would suggest a couple alternatives. I would just filet the pork chop in half. Two smaller peices look much nicer on the plate than one gigantic slab. Next time, I will use homemade barbeque sauce instead of mustard. My chops were crunchy on both sides after cooking and the meat was moist and tender. I did use a rack.

  • cookinbigmama 25 Mar, 2008

    a good coating is llite hellman's mayo with dijon mustard. also inexpensive panko crumbs are rice crispies put in blender or processor. a spicier coating is mayo mixed with wasabi and hot dog relish. i use the george foreman grill and it takes four minutes if you are in a hurry.

  • esgabel 25 Mar, 2008

    There is a Dijonaisse Mustard in the stores other wise you coulld try mixing reglar or lite mayonaisse with a bit of dijon mustard. Or you could try a light coating of ranch or creamy Italian salad dressing then the breadcrumbs. I also have used apricot preserves and honey wheat bread coarse crumbs baked the same way--also excellent.

  • LSoren 25 Mar, 2008

    This was great - crispy and flavorful. Note: 7 minutes was too long on the panko - they were almost burned; 4-5 minutes is about right.

  • KyleStorjohann 25 Mar, 2008

    I really don't like a lot of mustard, a little goes a long way for me. Any suggestions, maybe mayonaise with a little mustard mixed in? I like the idea of not using the egg and flour.

  • JessicaGrace 24 Mar, 2008

    I made this tonight with chicken and it is wonderful! I added to it though, b/c I like big flavor! I added two roasted tomatoes to each breast and a slice of mozzarella (the last five min. on broil) IT WAS DIVINE! Careful on the salt, though, especially if you do this. You don't need much!

  • marcell 24 Mar, 2008

    I can find them at Trader Joe's and also Safeway. They are sometimes in the baking isle or where the chinese/japanese food is located.

  • LVaughn 24 Mar, 2008

    I'm also trying this recipe tonight, but using chicken because I have it ready to go. Will let you know how my husband likes it.

  • aehodges 24 Mar, 2008


  • loismae 24 Mar, 2008

    I am goes to try this recipe and use chicken. I will let you how it tastes.

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