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World's Best Mac and Cheese

It's a bold claim, but this mac n' cheese from Kurt Beecher Dammeier's Pure Flavor cookbook might be the world's best.

  • Servings: 4
World's Best Mac and Cheese

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3073


  • Butter or vegetable oil, for baking dish
  • 6 ounces penne
  • 2 cups Beecher's Flagship Cheese Sauce
  • 1 ounce cheddar cheese, grated (1/4 cup)
  • 1 ounce Gruyere cheese, grated (1/4 cup)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon chipotle chile powder


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter or oil and 8-inch baking dish; set aside.

  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat. Cook penne, according to package direction, for 2 minutes less than recommended on the package. Rinse pasta in cold water; set aside.

  3. In a medium bowl, mix together cooked pasta and sauce gently but thoroughly. Pour pasta into prepared baking dish; sprinkle with cheeses and chile powder. Bake, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

Reviews (22)

  • crissyborton 27 Apr, 2014

    I liked it better then the recipe I was using but it seemed like it needed more pasta then it called for. I will make again but next time with more pasta

  • Klevinsohn 11 Dec, 2013

    I hope someone is monitoring this site. I made this recipe to tonight. I did add pancetta. I thought it was very good . My husband commented the sauce was gritty. I noticed as well why? I cooked the roux 2 min minimum.

  • mba2921 17 Jun, 2013

    Where do I find recipe for Beecher's Flagship Cheese Sauce?

  • marlenebroady 16 Apr, 2013

    This was sooooo good. I made the cheese sauce and couldn't stop licking the spoon. I wouldn't change a thing. Just make it and enjoy.

  • kmt7139 30 Nov, 2012

    You don't have to buy full packages of expensive cheese, your deli can make a fat slice of anything for you for much less cost, then you can grate it. The important thing is to buy a good quality.

  • ashiebaby143 7 Jul, 2012

    Yum! This is by far the world's best mac and cheese! I added bread crumbs and used a chipotle taco seasoning because I could not find chipotle chile powder and it was amazing. I think this recipe would be great with ham or chicken added as well. I have tried many mac and cheese recipes and this is definitely my favorite so far!

  • MissCaraMichelle 13 Feb, 2011

    I haven't tried this yet, I'm too loyal to Martha's "Perfect mac"--but just had to LOL at all of the snippy comments happening below. Ladies, ladies--simmer down. =)

  • srkater 17 Nov, 2010

    77chocolateangel - toot your own horn some place else. your husbands "taste" is unknown and questionable!
    and to all you little cooks out there - it's ROUX not RUE. it's french, like mirepoix and chiffonade.

  • srkater 17 Nov, 2010

    77chocolateangel - toot your own horn some place else. your husbands "taste" is unknown and questionable!
    and to all you little cooks out there - it's ROUX not RUE. it's french, like mirepoix and chiffonade.

  • Octoberan 12 Oct, 2010

    This was the greatest Mac and Cheese I've ever had in my life.

    Dear Martha Stewart,

    Thank you for existing and sharing this glorious recipe with the world.
    I'm a better person for eating it!

  • chellinmaryland 20 Aug, 2008

    This was awesome. Ny kids loved it. Easy to make and the blend of cheeses made it rich with taste.

  • MaryFinkel 13 Aug, 2008

    This was really good mac and cheese. The grueyre makes it much more flavorful. I got the cheese at the local grocery store for a much less expensive dinner. The Rue is in the cheese sauce recipe if you click on "Beecher's Flagship Cheese Sauce"

  • MrPungyao 16 May, 2008

    ok. the recipe is missing the rue thing..the butter,flour and milk. i'm sure you can substitute your favorite cheese. $18 for a pound of cheese is ridiculous!! i don't care who or what makes it.

  • 77chocolateangel 25 Mar, 2008

    I just came back from Seattle this past weekend and had the opportunity to visit Beecher's. I tried their worlds best mac and cheese. To tell you the truth my husband and I had better. We found it extremely oily and the pasta over cooked. In fact my husband said my mac and cheese is better.

  • ColleenSiegel 4 Feb, 2008
    You can buy it...It's $17.95 a pound.
    Sounds sinful...

  • wildchatt 30 Jan, 2008

    Where in Canada? If you're in Victoria or Vancouver area, when you pop down to Seattle you can pick up his cheese @ Pike Street Market.

  • Sindriandtiernan 29 Jan, 2008

    Beechers mac

  • linnyc1 29 Jan, 2008

    Ladies, click on Beechers Flagship Cheese sauce in ingredients list above and you'll get the recipe to make at home. Can't buy it.

  • MPK 29 Jan, 2008

    Is Flagship Cheese a brand as Kraft is a brand? If so would it be old aka sharp? I live in Canada and have never heard of Flagship Cheese.

  • kimi22 29 Jan, 2008

    I work in the market and have the pleasure of having this mac and cheese once in a while. It's decadent and WONDERFUL! Beechers is amazing! They have spicy and regular and I get half and half, it's amazing. if you're around you MUST try it out!

  • jennaray 29 Jan, 2008

    where can i get this cheese from

  • malucoe 29 Jan, 2008

    How about giving us the real recipe for Mac and Cheese from today's show 1/29/08?

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