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Dot and Stripe Stamped Easter Eggs

You don't need Morse code to send a message using dashes and dots. These eggs say "Happy Easter!" loud and clear, thanks to graphic patterns printed with do-it-yourself "stamps."

painted egg basket

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2018


(Also pictured: Japanese basket, 9-by-12-inches, in Natural, $180,


The best way to dry a dyed egg is to set it on a homemade Egg Drying Rack. This will prevent the color from pooling and drying in an uneven fashion. For more ideas, scroll through our entire collection of Easter Eggs.


  • Eggs

  • Traditional egg dye [Pictured: Vanilla Cream, Bronze, Denim Blue, and Harvest Orange (for base colors), $1.25 each,]

  • Matte acrylic paint [Pictured: Dark Blue Medium, Orange Medium, Red Violet Light, and Off-White (for top colors), $2.25 each,]

  • Bubble wrap (Pictured: 3/16 inch, $6.50 for 12 inches by 25 feet,

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Foam brush


  1. The dots come from bubble wrap; the stripes, corrugated cardboard. Just smooth matte acrylic paint across a sheet with a foam brush, and slowly roll a natural or dyed egg across it.

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