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Ribbon Candy Ornaments

This idea comes from our Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. A classic Christmas treat is reimagined as a hanging ornament, except this one is made from rolls of ribbon, beads, and a single thread.

ribbon candy ornaments

Photography: Peter Ardito

Source: Martha Stewart


These were used to decorate our Nutcracker-inspired "Land of Sweets" Christmas tree


Measurement Guidelines:

40 inches of ribbon will yield 8 loops for an ornament that measures 6 inches in length.

30 inches of ribbon will yield 8 loops for an ornament that measures 4 inches in length.

20 inches of ribbon will yield 8 loops for an ornament that measures 3 inches in length.


  • Ribbon (Pictured: Pastel Striped Grosgrain, $2 per yard, Double-Faced Satin, Double-Faced Silk, $1.59 per yard,

  • Monofilament

  • Fabric glue (Pictured: Unique Stitch Glue, $6,

  • Measuring tape

  • Sewing needle

  • Scissors


  1. Measure and cut ribbon to desired length. (Refer to our measurements guide to create ornaments as shown.)

    ribbon candy ornaments measuring
  2. Shape ribbon into loops as shown, securing the touching edges with fabric glue. Let dry.

    ribbon candy ornaments
  3. Thread a needle with monofilament and run through the middle length of ornament. Finish both ends with a bead and tie off with a knot.

    ribbon candy ornaments

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