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How To Clean and Organize Everything In Your Closet

No more shrinking, fading or crazy dry cleaning bills. Expert advice on washing and storing the most important items in our closet.

There’s so much conflicting advice when it comes to fabric care: Does “dry clean only” mean dry clean only? Are jeans really not supposed to go in the dryer? How do you spot treat the toothpaste splatter on your new suede dress? Gah! One thing there’s no confusion about is that taking care of your clothes will make them last longer. We picked the key wardrobe pieces, from those $200 designer jeans to your trusty white T-shirt, and interviewed the experts to find out best way to wash, dry and store your clothes. Spoiler alert: It’s not that hard.

It’s simpler than you think -- and so worth it

How to Organize a Linen Closet