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A Whimsical Fairy House From Salvaged Wood is Just What Your Garden Needs

This crafter even includes solar-powered LED lights.


When looking at a piece of wood, never in our wildest dreams would we imagine it could become a magical fairy house. Now, thanks to UK based artist, Zsolt Bogdanyi of Timber Woodland, we won't be able to picture anything else after seeing the amazing fairy houses he has created out of pieces of wood he finds in parks. 


A few years ago, Zavel Loven introduced us to a similar trend, miniature fairy gardening, which as she puts it is "basically real gardening in miniature." This trend, of course, exists to attract fairies, something most children believe in at some point or another. However, not only is the trend popular with children but with adults as well, for who fairy gardens are something magical to look at and a way to have a garden — even when there is no space to have a large one.


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What sets Bogdanyi's work apart is that while his houses are miniature, they don't mimic traditional standards of houses as the miniature gardens do with life-size gardens — instead, they are whimsical reimaginings, exactly where you would expect a fairy to live. Bogdanyi's fairy houses are weatherproof as well as UV- and water-resistant, he can even include solar-powered LED lights in the house if your fairies happen to be scared of the dark. His store, Timber Wonderland, has plenty of homes to choose from, but Bogdanyi is happy to create a custom, one-of-a-kind fairy house as well. 


We think one of Bogdanyi's houses would look great in a miniature fairy garden, and we don’t know about you, but we are so excited for spring to come so that we can start planning for our fairies to arrive. 


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