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Appliquéd Shoes

Here's a brilliant, budget-friendly way to indulge a shoe fetish: Use leather glue to add chic details to new pairs — or older ones.

applique shoes

Photography: Marcus Smith

Source: Martha Stewart Living


  • Leather or fabric glue
  • Pictured: Zara suede ballerinas with heels, in Brick, $70, Everlane modern loafers, in Camel, $170,


  1. Give suede pumps a vintage flourish by wrapping ornate florals around the sides and back. Jazz up loafers with strips of sequined flower trim between the toe seams.

    applique shoes
  2. (Tip: Apply glue precisely with a toothpick to the edges of add-ons, so they don't curl upward later.)

    applique shoes


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