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Cardigan with Beaded Rhinestone Appliqués

Transforming a seasonal sweater from plain to oh-so-pretty is as easy as ironing or sewing on a beautiful mix of appliqués.

sweater appliques

Photography: Marcus Smith

Source: Martha Stewart Living


Appliqués and embroidered patches can be ironed onto almost any item in your closet. Think: purses, jeans, hats, blouses, shoes, skirts, even a lightweight cardigan such as this one. Make your own one-of-a-kind sweater (and make a fabulous fashion statement all at once).


  • Beaded rhinestone appliqués, $39 each,
  • J.Crew Jackie lightweight wool cardigan sweater, in Heather Smoke, $85,


  1. Attach appliqués with iron-on transfer paper or by sewing. These two large beaded motifs only required a few stitches for each leaf and petal, since sturdy mesh backing holds them together.

    cardigan with beaded rhinestone appliqués
  2. (Tip: If you use two of the same embellishments, mix things up; one of this pair was sewn on upside down.)


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