Rich and creamy yet also as light as air: the soufflé is a classic French dish that looks elegant and tastes ethereal. Many cooks fear making soufflé but they are not nearly as difficult as you might have heard nor does it take a lot of work to make a soufflé: whipped egg whites are added to a rich creamy base then baked. The airy egg whites create the distinctive delicate texture and tall stature that defines the soufflé. Master the art of making souffles with our expert recipes and helpful tips. Try decadent hot chocolate or bright lemon souffles or a refreshing frozen soufflé, a dessert souffle is the ultimate way to end a dinner party. Nothing is more impressive than serving individual soufflés, baked in ramekins to your guests. But soufflés aren’t just for dessert, savory soufflés flavored with cheese, bacon, or herbs star as an entree or appetizer, and breakfast soufflés take this favorite meal to the new heights.

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