Candle Making

Here’s the secret to finding the perfect candle: Make your own! (Trust us when we say it’s easier than it seems.) Start with our instructional videos and candle-making tips from the experts, and then get creative with your candle-lit creations. Candles add a warm, inviting glow and scent to your home. And they make the perfect DIY décor for any celebration. Think: pumpkin candles for your Thanksgiving table, Christmas tree candles for the holidays, and romantic-themed candles for a dinner date on Valentine’s Day. Make candles that feature a nuanced scent from clean lavender to citrusy lemon or unscented beeswax (for those who have allergies or a sensitive nose). Give them out as DIY gifts or save them for yourself. You’ll never be without a scented, warmly-lit home again.

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