Frittata Recipes

Easy and fast, a frittata is also packed with protein, and ideal for using up leftovers. Try one of our frittata recipes for breakfast or brunch and don’t forget that a frittata is an excellent entrée for a quick dinner. Master the basics for making a frittata and this crowd-pleasing, easily adaptable eggy main course is sure to become a family favorite. Most frittatas are cooked on the stovetop then flipped to finish cooking. Unless your flipping skills are top notch, we recommend sliding the half-cooked frittata onto a plate to turn it over ready to finish cooking. Another technique is to start the frittata on the stove and transfer to the oven to finish cooking -- no flipping required. A breakfast frittata might include bacon or sausage, or cheese and plenty of vegetables. In fact a frittata is an easy vegetarian entree and vegetable-packed frittatas are also a healthy option, we have recipes for frittatas packed with spinach, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, a tasty mix of greens, and lots more.

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