Meyer Lemons

Sweet and juicy, Meyer lemons are prized by chefs and loved by home cooks. Bright golden yellow in color, they are less acidic in flavor than other lemons. They are plumper, their peel thinner, their scent more floral than a regular lemon. A cross between a lemon and either a sweet orange or a mandarin, Meyer lemons were brought to the U.S. from China over a hundred years ago by the man whose name they bear. In season from December to May and available in grocery stores, Meyer lemons are fun to cook with. See how their aromatic flavor pairs with other fruits; citrus yes, but also mango, pineapple, even blueberries. Enjoy the sweet citrus juice and rind of Meyer lemons in all kinds of recipes from vinaigrettes to bar cookies, candied peel to cookies, pound cakes to preserves to tarts.

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