Easter Eggs

One egg, dozens of ways to decorate it! Dyeing Easter eggs is a rite of spring, typically by being dunked into a bath of liquid dye and white vinegar. But why stop there? Have you ever wondered how to dye Easter eggs naturally? Or decoupage them with patterned paper? Or make them marbleized, speckled, foiled in gold, or spatter-painted? Here, we have dozens of creative ideas, plus the expert tips to make yours stand out at the annual Easter egg hunt. Watch our video on how to blow out an egg so that you can save your beautiful creations for years to come or make our DIY drying pin board that allow your dyed eggs to dry evenly (no mess ever again). And don’t forget to check out our printable color wheel to get the exact hue you want. However your eggs are embellished, dyed, painted, or adorned, with our tips, they’re bound to be eggs-traordinary.

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