Bacon Recipes

Crispy, smoky, and salty, bacon is just plain irresistible and so versatile. Truly everything is better with bacon. Do you enjoy it to start the day, in fried eggs and bacon, bacon, egg, and toast cups, bacon pancakes, or bacon and cheese casserole? We have these and other easy breakfast and brunch recipes starring bacon. The allure of bacon of course extends far beyond breakfast: a BLT or bacon-topped burger for lunch, or a bowl of creamy chowder … with bacon! For dinner, versatile bacon stars in sides, adding a sweet, meaty flavor to spinach and other vegetables, defining pastas like our favorite spaghetti carbonara and entrees including shrimp and grits and bacon-wrapped pork loin. It’s even there in dessert, be sure to try our salty-sweet bacon potato-chip chocolate cookies. Our test kitchen experts have bacon recipes and expert tips on cooking bacon with less mess and maximum flavor.

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