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Personalized Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Gussy up your gifts with custom-painted designs for a truly unique wrapping job!

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Punch

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Doily Punch Snowflake Cartridge

  • Brown wrapping paper

  • Martha Stewart Crafts pouncers

  • Martha Stewart Crafts paint in Mermaid Teal, Love Bird, Wild Blueberry, Silver


  1. FOR THE SNOWFLAKE: Punch out a snowflake doily with the doily punch and snowflake cartridge or cut out a snowflake with scissors.

  2. Adhere the snowflake to your wrapping paper, and use a pouncer to paint a thin coat of paint to create a snowflake-shaped pattern on your paper.

  3. Let the paint dry and wrap your gift!

  4. FOR THE DOTTED LINE: Lay your wrapping paper flat and draw straight lines with a ruler and pencil.

  5. Use the pouncer to paint small circles along the straight lines in alternating colors.

  6. Let the dots dry and wrap your gift!


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