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42 Burners This Week: Salads, Soups, and Sinful Treats

If stove tops could talk, the 42 burners in the test kitchen of Martha Stewart Living would have a lot of stories to tell. This series gives you an inside look at what goes on in the culinary world's most coveted workshop. For more, follow @42burners.





@laurarege told us the secret to her beautiful vegetable soup; she "customized the carrot spinach soup with dill from our website: omitted the spinach and added very thinly sliced yellow squash, mushrooms, and cayenne pepper at the end. I also increased the turmeric and added a little fresh ginger because it is so good for you. Enjoy!"

Make Our Carrot-Spinach Soup, the Base of Laura's 42 Burners Creation





They spent the last week preparing them. We can't wait to see what the test kitchen is going do with these cocoa nibs.

Try Cocoa Nibs on This Great Recipe





What a dilemma: fresh picked apples or freshly baked cake?

Don't settle for just one.

Make Triple Apple Cake





The test kitchen found these gorgeous ingredients on a market run and were inspired to make a nicoise salad. We wish every meal was this beautiful! 

Make Your Own Nicoise Salad with This Recipe
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