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Christian Petroni's Pizza Dough


For the most tender pizza crust, use "00" flour, a finely ground style popular in Italy for making pizza and pasta. Use this dough to make Christian Petroni's Tenderoni Pizza, Margherita Pizza, and White Pizza. Martha and Christian Petroni prepared these recipes on episode 503 of Martha Bakes.

  • Yield: Makes enough for eight 12-inch pizzas

Source: Martha Bakes, Episode 413


  • 3 1/4 cups spring water, heated to 95 degrees
  • 1/8 ounce fresh yeast
  • 8 1/4 cups "00" flour, preferably PZ3 or Caputo
  • 3 tablespoons coarse salt
  • Olive oil, for shaping and baking sheets


  1. Combine the water and yeast in the bowl of a stand mixer and stir to dissolve. Add the flour all at once, and mix, using the dough hook on the lowest setting, for two minutes.

  2. Add the salt and continue mixing on medium-low speed for 6 to 7 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic. Transfer the dough to a bowl and cover with a damp towel or plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 24 hours. It should doubled in size.

  3. Turn dough out onto work surface and divide into eight 8-ounce portions. Form each portion into a ball with lightly oiled hands. Divide the shaped dough among two sheet pans lined with non-stick baking mats or lightly brushed with oil. Lightly brush dough with oil and cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for another 24 hours.

  4. Bring dough to room temperature one hour before shaping dough for pizza.

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  • nhersch
    2 JUL, 2016
    Can this be frozen? If so, what steps needed to us. Just defrost and use or another rise?
  • MS12200191
    20 FEB, 2016
    How do you measure an 1/8 oz. I might need to use a different recipe.
  • jmboisineau2
    20 FEB, 2016
    You should ALWAYS weigh ingredients, not measure by volume. Also, it sounds as if the original poster did not turn iff her machine before adding ingredients. Commin sense would tell one that adding ingredients to a moving mixer will create a mess. The recipe's fine. The poster sounds inexperienced.
  • mjrhansen4
    16 NOV, 2015
    Terrible recipe!!! It should come with a warning! The show said 3 1/2 cups of water, but the written says 3 1/4c... & 2 lbs of "00"(from the show) is NOT 8 1/4 c., it is 5 1/2 c!!! This recipe overheated my KitchenAid also, it states to mix the dough and then add salt I had salt flying all over my kitchen! Someone from Meredith network or Martha Stewart owes me a new KitchenAid Professional Series 600 stand mixer in Stainless Steel, and a bag of '00' flour to boot. What a horrible waste!!
    • lynn.abell
      6 JAN, 2016
      Try cutting the recipe in half. That is what I did and it worked like a charm - we had a pizza party and people were raving about the pizza.
    • MS12196125
      2 JAN, 2016
      He said 2 pounds 8 ounces of flour (2.5 pounds, not 2 pounds). But Martha did say 3-1/2cups water, but this recipe says 3-1/4 cups.