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Too Cute to Be-Leaf: Animal Place Cards Using Fall Foliage

This ultimate in fall crafts keeps kid busy before dinner and plenty occupied during it. Plus, see below for even more fun fall crafts.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Use backyard leaves to make place cards for the kids’ table—or have your young dinner guests create their own. Download and print our forest-animal templates. Place each template on a leaf, secure it with tape, and use detail scissors to cut out the animal. If you’re using brittle leaves, reinforce them with layers of tape on the backs before cutting. Write names on the place cards with a paint pen.


Clear tape
Detail scissors
Silver paint pen


Pressed leaves, from $1.75 for 10,
Premier single fine-tip-point pen, by Prismacolor, in Metallic Silver Fine, $3.50,

Have the kids collected more leaves than you know what to do with? Here are some other fall crafts to try:


Flaming Foliage Candleholders 

These beautiful displays will shine brightly long after all the other leaves have turned brown and started to wilt. All you need is some spray adhesive! Have the kids make several and cluster them on the table for a fall centerpiece.

Get the Flaming Foliage Candleholders How-To
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Fallen Leaves Centerpiece

Speaking of centerpieces, here is an easy one for you (this one isn't really kid-friendly). While the kids are making their place cards, step outside with a few branches and spray paint them gold. These branches add glamour to any table. They also work spectacularly at an entranceway or hallway.

Get the Fallen Leaves Centerpiece How-To

Leaf Masks

Have everyone make a mask so that you can put on a performance (or pretend to be superheros) after dinner. You can preserve leaves in glycerin but this doesn't have to be perfect. You can simply use craft glue to adhere the leaves onto masks cut out of cardboard.

Autumnal Wreath

When the guests are gone and you have a little more time to properly glycerin, try your hand at this festive wreath. Take some time with it. This is one you will be able to keep year after year. Watch the video below for Martha's step-by-step how-to...with Amy Sedaris!


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