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How to Create a Stunning Tablescape Using Vases as Your Centerpiece

Choosing the right vase can elevate a floral centerpiece from beautiful to breathtaking. Let a professional florist guide you in the right direction.


When choosing a vase to use for your centerpiece, there are a few important factors consider. First, consider the other decor and the overall style of the room. Are you looking for a classic and elegant arrangement, something simple and clean, or perhaps an assortment with an antique edge?


Next, think about the size and shape of the table. For round tables, I prefer a low, horizontally oriented single centerpiece. A low centerpiece is practical, as it allows for easy communication among those seated. The horizontal orientation lets the flowers, vines and other elements naturally drape onto the table.

Pedestal Vase

If you want a slightly higher arrangement, but would to retain an unobstructed view among guests, a raised pedestal vase is a good option.


If you're planning to have long rectangular tables in the room, I really love an assortment of small arrangements in vases of varying heights. This is a great way to create movement and a continuous flow.


Lastly, consider the finish on your vases. Do you want clear glass for a simple and minimalist look? Or a warm brass for a classic and elegant flair? Antique silver pieces, with their unique etching and beautiful lines, can be a work of art in and of themselves. The possibilities are endless, but these tips should help you pick the right vase for your centerpiece arrangements.


Want to learn how to make a beautiful dried floral arrangement for your wall? Watch the video below!

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Ariel Dearie

Inspired by the history and botanicals of her native city of New Orleans, Ariel creates flower arrangements that feel natural, yet have a classic elegance. When creating arrangements, she relies on the natural beauty of each stem, blossom, or branch and seeks to emphasize that beauty. She has flower studios in both Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley, specializing in weddings, private...

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