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Mini Leprechaun Hat Accessory

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Using the Mini Circle Cutter, cut a 4-inch and a 2.875-inch circle from green paper.

  2. Using your Paper Trimmer, cut a 3.5-x-9.5-inch strip from green paper.

  3. Make 3-4 small tabs at the top and bottom of the hat.

  4. Cut a .75-x-9.5-inch strip of brown paper for the hat band and adhere to the green strip of paper -- making sure you don't cover the tabs. Form a tube with the green paper and adhere the ends with double-sided tape.

  5. Fold all the tabs down and tape or glue the top and brim to the open ends of your green tube.

  6. Using the heart punch, punch 3 hearts and cut a small stem from the light green paper. To add dimension, crease hearts down center. Then, arrange hearts and stem on tape to form a shamrock shape. Finally, apply glue to the front of the shamrock and sprinkle on green glitter.

  7. Using scissors, cut a small rectangle from the gold paper. Then, cfold the rectatangle in half and cut out a smaller rectangle -- you now have a buckle for your hat. Glue the buckle and glittered shamrock to your hat.

  8. Optional: Attach the mini hat to a headband to make a festive St. Patrick’s Day accessory.

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