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Nutty Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party

When I think about the Super Bowl, I think snacks. In addition to the classics, this year I’m making two special treats -- Gingered Nuts and Chocolate-Covered Almond Mini Footballs.

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I love ginger in everything, so when I came across this Gingered Nuts recipe I couldn’t wait to try it. I opted for peanuts instead of mixed nuts because of one guest’s almond allergy, and they still turned out perfectly. The balance of sweet, salt and spice from the ginger and cayenne makes it hard to have just one handful. I suggest making a double batch if you want them to last past halftime. And, if you have some left toward the end of the game, try crushing them up and sprinkling over vanilla ice cream.


As for the almond treats, these are festive treats on their own or as cupcake toppers. Though a little tedious, the Super Bowl does only come once a year, so I think they're worth the extra effort. I opt for store-bought dark-chocolate-covered almonds. Melt a few ounces of white chocolate or white candy melts, then pour into a small pastry bag or parchment paper cone. Starting with a long thin line in the center, pipe laces on each almond. Set aside to dry, then use for decorating cupcakes or serve in a bowl.

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