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Bust Out this Kids' Craft for President's Day

With this project, your kids will learn how to make a miniature presidential bust. A bust is a 3D portrait made to honor historical figures. It is traditionally carved from marble. But for our project we will use one of my favorite materials: plaster gauze.



  • Small, empty potato chip canister
  • Plaster gauze
  • Tinfoil
  • Paint
  • Varnish (Gloss medium or Modge Podge)
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Heavy duty tape


Step 1:

Protect your work area with a plastic tarp or garbage bag. Take the empty chips canister and set it down, open end down.

scrunch tin foil

Step 2:

Take a large ball of tinfoil and tape it to the top of the canister. Press it down to make a dome shape.

cutting gauze

Step 3:

Cut the plaster gauze with scissors into small strips, about 1 inch thick.

applying gauze

Step 4:

Using a small bowl of water, dip the plaster strips into the water and drape onto the canister. Cover the surface with two or three layers of strips.


Step 5:

Build up the different areas of the face by applying lumps of the gauze, gradually sculpting the shapes you want, such as a brow, or nose, or the curve of the head.


Step 6:

Let it dry, then paint on face details with acrylic paint. I like to use an image (from the internet) of the particular president I am making, as a reference.


Step 7:

When the paint is dry, apply a layer of varnish to make a shiny coating and to seal the paint. Now your presidential bust is ready for display.

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