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Why You Should Crate Train Your Puppy

Learn how to housebreak your new dog with our helpful crate training guide from Martha Stewart Pets.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

New puppies are a wonderful and loving addition to your family and home. But teaching them when and where to eliminate can be challenging if you’re not prepared. One of the best ways to teach your puppy? Crate training!

Why It Works


Crate training is a great way to introduce a new pet into your home. It becomes your dog’s comfort zone when he is scared and helps set boundaries when your dog is unsupervised.


The crate is ideal for teaching your dog not to soil the spot where he eats and sleeps. He learns that the only place where it is acceptable to eliminate is outdoors. The crate also prevents him from chewing or damaging furniture in your home and helps lessen anxiety when you are away from home.


Choosing the Right Size


  • The crate you choose should be large enough for your dog to stretch and lie on his side, get up, and turn around without hitting the top of the crate. 


  • For puppies, use a dividing panel to block off excess space in the crate and adjust the placement as your dog grows, to stop him from eliminating in a far corner.


  • Wire crates provide more ventilation than plastic ones, but plastic crates feel more denlike and private. Consider which one your dog might prefer and which may be more appropriate for its location.


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