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Top Turkey Sandwiches

What could possibly be better than the Thanksgiving feast? For many of us, it’s the leftovers. Here are Martha's favorite ways to enjoy turkey the next day: on sandwiches that may just be the greatest things since sliced bread.

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

I have some friends who put the turkey carcass into a big stockpot immediately after Thanksgiving dinner to make some sort of soup. That’s not my kind of thing -- unless, of course, someone sends me an irresistible recipe for Thanksgiving soup! (I will, however, make a stock with the bones.) And I have some other friends who hate leftovers, saying enough is enough.


For me, though, the leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. I love digging the savory stuffing out of the cavity to enjoy later, and picking at the cold turkey from the fridge. And I want a generous amount of well-roasted turkey for delectable sandwiches on the Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday after Thanksgiving. In fact, I so love leftover turkey that I roast two birds -- one stuffed, one unstuffed. Sometimes I even add a large turkey breast, just to guarantee that there will be enough meat for slicing for editor Kevin Sharkey’s day-after party and everybody’s lunches.


Excellent-quality turkeys are increasingly available to all of us -- and a better bird really is worth the expense. I tend to roast freshly killed, organically grown turkeys (sometimes raised right on my own farm). The recipes here, for Cobb-Salad Sandwich, Turkey Monte Cristo, and Turkey Salad Sandwich, are meant as guidelines for really good sandwiches featuring my favorite flavor combinations. With the best breads; crispest bacon; freshest tomatoes, lettuces, avocados, watercress, and cucumbers; and tangiest cranberry sauces and relishes, you can create a veritable feast just for yourself, or perhaps for a casual “make your own” party the day after your big sit-down affair. Of course, the beauty of sandwiches is that you can improvise with any ingredients -- changing up the vegetables and condiments and even adding other leftovers from the dinner.


I would love to see photos of your sandwich creations. Tag your Instagram photos @marthastewart -- I may even post them on the Martha Blog.

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