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In Our Pantry: Coconut Oil

It's oh so rich, versatile, vegan, and readily available -- is it the next kitchen staple?

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO

It’s soaring in popularity -- after all, it’s as rich as butter (without the cholesterol) and as versatile as vegetable oil. Grocery stores now stock the good stuff: organic, virgin varieties that haven’t been hydrogenated. Pressed from raw coconut, the unrefined oil has subtle nutty, tropical notes. And it’s a wonderful vegan substitute for butter in baked goods. Try cooking with it as an added flavor boost in savory dishes, too -- or simply slather it on toast and enjoy.

Note that coconut oil turns to liquid between 75 and 81 degrees F, so its consistency may change from day to day. To maintain its solid, spreadable state and keep it from turning rancid, store it in a cool, dark cupboard.


Watch how to make some of our favorite coconut oil recipes:


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