Breakfast Cereal 2.0: Bars, Bowls, and Beyond

Straight from the box or doused with milk, cereal makes a near-perfect breakfast or after-school treat. But this good thing only gets better when baked, layered, dissolved, or dessert-ified into a whole new treat. These serious cereals would make the Cap’n blush and Tony slink off with his tail between his legs.


Take actual honey, actual nuts, and any oat O cereal (like Cheerios!), and you've got a breakfast cereal to tote on the go -- whether that means off to the classroom or the boardroom. Watch and learn.

Honey Nut Cereal Bar

Berry Delicious

If you (or your little one) prefer berries to nuts, bake up a batch of these cranberry-oat bars instead.

Cranberry-Oat Cereal Bars

Sundae Brunch

Don’t take your favorites out of the rotation -- put them into a new one. These fully loaded parfaits make every day feel like a special occasion.

Parfait Breakfast

Ball Out

Fruit in cereal? Old news. Cereal in fruit? Now we’re talking. The time is ripe to try these melon berry bowls.

Get the Melon Berry Bowls Recipe

Rich Man's Porridge

A big bowl of health doesn’t have to be a big bowl of boring. Put a new spin on barley, quinoa, farro, or millet -- each with its own irresistible set of toppings.

Get the Black Quinoa with Avocado, Almonds, and Honey Recipe

Muffin Manned

Muffins are the new milk -- that is, the ideal companion to all things sweet and crunchy. Bonus: They’re way easier to eat on the go.

Get the Pear-and-Granola Muffins Recipe

Scoop to Nuts

Peanut butter, how do we love thee? In bars or balls, you stick to our ribs all morning (and taste so good we almost wish you didn’t).

Get the Peanut-Butter Granola Bars Recipe

Go Bananas

Granola’s got a tame reputation, but flavors like cashew-ginger and coffee-hazelnut let its wild side shine. Purists will love Martha’s favorite maple granola.

Get the Coffee, Hazelnut, and Banana Granola Recipe

Bran New

Swap your Greek yogurt for another high-protein option: cottage cheese. A spoonful of jam makes for an irresistible sweet-and-salty combo.

Get the Cottage Cheese with Apricot Jam and Bran Cereal Recipe

Milk It

Have some cereal with your cereal. This lightly sweetened, cornflake-infused milk will take any bowl to cereal nirvana.

Get the Cereal Milk Recipe

Flake Your Day

Cereal: It’s not just for breakfast anymore. While chocolate and marshmallows push up on dessert territory, we'll nibble on these cornflake cookies at any hour.

Get the Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow Cookies Recipe